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Full Version: ddr~^^
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heh, I just discovered the DDR machine at school...its sorta sweet, although I can't do much more than light... ;p

It was free all night last just keep on playing with no coins required! ^^

How the heck to you go fast? I swear, some of the friends that I play with have to pick the fastest and most difficult songs!!! Is it just me or does anyone else find it entertaining...especially watching others play?
Yeah, I think DDR is a very cool game. While I don't play it much, I think it is a great game in general. It was fairly orginal when it first came out. I know they have a lot of these types of arcade games in Japan. I give it two hacked charge mechguns up.

*waits for crush to post about this*
I was heavily into DDR for the last 2 years, but I kinda lost interest in it 6 months ago, and only play it casually now. What mix do you have at your school? I hope it isn't the ass bootleg "ddr megamix" :(

If you are stuck on light, don't feel bad or anything, everyone starts there. The first "wall" most players hit is 4 foot difficulty songs. Once you get the hang of simple 3 step 8th note patterns and the UL, UR, DR, DL jumps then its easy to push on through most all light songs, and start doing Standard difficulty. The most important habit to break from when you start playing DDR is to NOT return your feet to the center metal pad. Keep your feet positioned on the arrows, spread apart.

In my prime I could pass every Heavy 9 foot and 2 of the 10 foot difficulty songs (MAX300 and Sakura), but now that I don't play as much I usually stick to the 7-9 footers.

The thing that really got me out of the game was the stupid "community" that grows around it. Most of the people are either total anime faggos that are only into the game because its japanese, or elitist assholes who disrespect anyone not as skilled as them, even though they themselves were once in the same position as those they mock. Of course this is from the "mallrat" type DDR community...I would hope the people at your College/University have a better, more friendly, and mature community than the stupid high school kids who hang at the mall.

If they have a tournament, take part, even if you suck. Its lots of fun, and you can see plenty of good players and learn from them. But please for the love of god ONLY WATCH and don't mimic their steps behind them. Nothing looks more retarded than someone standing on the ground BEHIND the maching pretending like they are playing. And i won't pretend like I never did it, but uggggh....I can't belive I was so stupid.

Anyways, I digress...have fun, improve your skeellz, and get in shape!


EDIT: Evil-Chicken, who just joined the boards, is about the best DDR player I know in Utah. I'm sure he can give you even better tips than I. /kneel Evil-Chicken
I play it occasionally, my cousin has a knack for putting it on sugared out techno songs that are crazy fast and getting perfects on em. I think I cried the first time I saw that.
okok, thanks for the tips ^^
Next time I am around I will check what kind it is...and I will remember those. I always moved my feet back to the center after, and I think that is what got me screwed when the song goes faster.
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