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Full Version: Fan Art: FFXI 'Rinn
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So it's been a while since I've drawn anything... It's been even longer since I've used someone else's sketch as a starting point. But when I came across this drawing the other day, I was like.. omg that one is just begging to be CG'd.

... or, as Astra put it... "Oh god, I want you to CG me so hard." ^^;

One more time for the record, just so there's no misunderstanding... I did not draw the original sketch.

I really wish I knew who did, so I could give that person his or her due... but unfortunately, the place I stumbled across it also did not name the artist. :( Nameless one, where ever you are... GO'DAMN, NICE JOB! O.o

Oh yeah, one last thing... if you're adverse to looking at half-naked women, now would be a good time to leave. >.>;


All right... enough with the flowery introduction, here she is:

user posted image

This has to leave you wondering... who's the lucky person on the other side of the point of view? *^.^*

Hehe... anyways. I saved several pictures recording my progression from the original sketch to what you see here. Feel free to peruse them here:

Original Sketch
Skin tones
Hair and facial details
Cleaning up the lines
Clothing color ~ Final
I'd hit it bash.gif
I was wondering when you'd do something like this. Great jorb there, rinn. Whoever's on the other end is not just lucky, but blessed.
I do have to say...nice!!! When your time constraints allow, I am sure we all want to see more. at-emote1.gif
Thanks for your comments, guys.. I really appreciate them. beigesmile.gif

Hearing people's feedback really helps me improve, so please keep 'em coming! ^^

I'd hit it.
Nice Drawing.
The last post was me btw. Forgot to log in.
good jebus.. put some clothes on... filthy elves!! hahaha nice job
Wow rinn you really can work. I love the skin tone and the little details you put into it. Like the little blush she has in her face. Good stuff Im especially taken back with her hair. I would have imgained that to be the hardest part but you did really well on it I must say.

As we say round here. Good SHyt! buttrock.gif
Very nice, wish I could draw like that. I'm bound to paper drawing since I have no skills at using the computer for things like that, and even then they aren't all that good.
I disagree, Ikari... I think your drawings are very good. The photoshop stuff just takes practice, I'm sure it wouldn't take you long to get the hang of it. And now that you have a decent PC, I can help you, uh... aquire a copy of said program. >.>; (Something we should have taken care of a while ago...)

Thanks again to everyone who replied. beigesmile.gif
I think I know who's on the other side: it's Astrid ;)
Wow that came out awesome. From the original sketch to finished project is just impressive. Yet another stellar job. Keep 'em coming.
QUOTE (Chimaera @ Mar 12 2004, 11:22 AM)
I think I know who's on the other side: it's Astrid ;)

I hope so!

*Fap Fap Fap*

i wish women could look like that O_o

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