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Full Version: PSO+E-Bay=LoL
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Someone at another Message Board brought this to my attention.
beigeroll.gif beigelaugh.gif
This is even funnier than the ones selling all the hacked shit.
The JadeDragon
I think what's so funny about that it's all crap rares lol. Someone should call him a cheater for having those ultimate weapons. There is no way in hell 1 person could have 4 amazing rares without
I shit out silence claws on PSO, what in the world was this guy thinking? Not only are they common items, they are shitty items nobody wants! beigelaugh.gif

Kudos to him for not cheating, I guess.
Common sense should dictate that if you found two of a weapon type that only drops in hard mode, then it must be easy to obtain, thus making it worthless. 3 bucks GBA for each of those weapons as an individual? Might as well buy a cheat device and hack up things that are far superior to anything this guy is selling.

If you think about it, it's his or her loss. You have to pay a small amount to put up anything on ebay, so he is losing out.
I have most of it, and i am still very low leveled in term of PSO. Still, those are all crap rares. Funny thought.
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