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Full Version: PSO:ep3
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was wondering, how often the team up effect happens or if there is a way to make it happen on demand.

while playing offline with a computer partner I've attacked and had my partner pop in with a special cut scene and then my attack was doubled. Same with the computer assisting against an attack making their defense increase.

also would this happen online too? (haven't been online yet)
I've not seen it happen online...YET. So I dunno, I'll ask around though.
It happens occasionally and you can't make it happen on demand.
As far as I know, only COMs can do it. I haven't seen it done online either.
(which can be really cheap if you're paired up with the COM).

I've seen it happen online a few times. The most was from the Viviana/Memoru team. Once, me and partner had them beat in like 5 minutes, but as I was about to deliver the killing blow, the little cut scene flashes and Memoru saved Vivi's ass. Sure enough, Vivi equipped a bunch of stuff next turn so it took a bit longer to take her out. =T
ive seen it happen online butthe guy had a cpu partner she was all like Ino'lis battle switch on!
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