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It looks like Ah King's host didn't like the site going over bandwidth as much as it did and suspended the site indefinitley. It's a shame there was a lot of good info there and in the forums. This is the second time Ah King has had a site evaporate. I wonder what he will do next? crash.gif
That sucks...he seemed to be better at getting information that all the other pso sites combined beigelaugh.gif
Yep, news always broke first at Ah king's. I guess the majority of the members will go back to Gamefaqs for now. megaman-run.gif
I know that some have migrated to
Yeah it's a shame about Ah King's place.
Couldn't he have downsized his forums a bit? :\

Anyway who in their right mind would post among the
gfax0rz? X_x

Yeah, that's a terrible shame, they were getting ground on a big user base again after the first site.

Hopefully they find and establish another place for themselves someday.
Well it seems he has started another forum again...hopefully it will last a little longer this time,heh, he's not lucky with his sites.
QUOTE (Riel @ Mar 1 2003, 01:39 PM)
....he's not lucky with his sites.

Apparently not. this new board is running incredibly slow, sometimes taking minutes to load a page. I think this is discouraging a lot of members from signing up again. I signed up yesterday after waiting literaly five minutes for the confirmation screen. It seems like people based around Europe/Asia are getting quicker loading times but who knows for sure?

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