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Full Version: Event Night [ep3]
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Donkey,me, and a few others have been discussing about holding a forum tourney. So far we plan to make it a team thing- standard tourney rules. 30minute time limit, min dice1, max dice 6, Blah blah.

So, to better accomadate everyone we will be posting a few polls to see what works best for every one. We will then average out the most popular night and use that. Please if you really plan on attending vote. We promise to make it worth your while with fantastic card prizes for the winner and possible runner up prizes also, a good night to be had by all.

Later I will post more on how the grouping of teams will take place and a few other stuff to be clarrified. SO for now just tell us your best day time zone and best possible time to attend.

Heres my stuff
My time preferance =7-8pm EST
For me, my best nights are really any night, but I don't get on untill almost 1am central due to work, I can get on around 9pm on Mondays and Tuesdays though.
I'd love to participate in this. Any time at night during from Fri-Monday is good for me. But just to make it clearer..

Day= Friday - Monday
Timezone= EST
My time preferance = 8pm-5am EST
For me, and day is good except Friday nights. I'll gladly put off a night of FFXI for some AT tournament actions beigesmile.gif
Weekends are always good for me. I may not be able to make too many of these on Saturday nights, but I'll try to be there nonetheless.

user posted image
Saturdays are good for me, Fri - Sun is ok with me
Vitamin D
Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays are best for me. (Works for my class schedule.) My timezone is Mountain, about 10 PM is the usual time I can get online. I love tourneys to death, so hell yeah I'm down. shades.gif
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