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Okay so after careful deliberation, It has been decided that will be the night. We will group people by levels so as to advocate interaction with new people and make the fights more even so to speak. We have Confirmed the date The "Hobo Cup" will take place April 10, which is about two weeks from now. 8:00pm Mountaintime. I think thats 9:00pm Eastern time
What we will do is have the people particpating to submit their Online characters name and, both offline and online Clv. If you want to bring your friends your more then welcomed. Just make sure you post the info requested in the appropiate thread which, is not this one. I will later make another thread for that. This thread is simply to explain the grouping and to answer any questions that may come up.

QUOTE (Dj_Donkey)
So far, the prizes are as follows (each member of the winning team will get one):
user posted imageDouble Cannon of course =)

user posted image
Gran Sorceror

user posted image
SP Counter

user posted image

I will be adding a few more to this list. Unless AC9 wants to add to this lol.
If any of you guys already have these well this is your chance to win another one =p


These are the runner up prizes here
Sealed J-sword
Crimson Assassin
Sinow Zoa

Thanks to alisha for the sinow and Assassin

This post will be updated as more informaion is confirmed and will be bumped if needed to be brought to your attention. So if you have anything to ask, please ask away.
I'll add Charge to the Prize pot if I can score another one... (not likely since I got it in a transform)
Date has been confirmed and New prizes added. Your more then Welcomed to add to the pot but, we are limitng the prize to two more cards. We dont wanna give them too many cards now. @.@;

Well anyway, I know its a long ways from now but thats to give people time to prepare. The Sunday before the Event I will make the sign up thread that will also expain the rules.
hmn i could possibly contribute some prizes like sinow zoa and grass assassin
I could toss a Sealed-J in there o.O
unless im too late for everything .___.
you are to late beigebigrazz.gif
it isnt april 10th O.o
but it doesnt matter. this seems like something id either miss out on due to me being a coward, r something...
i just dont feel comfortable with competition :(
I'm totally tossing in TP Attack for spot fillers sake if there need to be more prizes buttrock.gif
QUOTE (Crawurm @ Mar 30 2004, 09:21 PM)
I'm totally tossing in TP Attack for spot fillers sake if there need to be more prizes buttrock.gif

not rare DX
*has 70*
I know, it was sarcasim/jokeprize beigebigrazz.gif

its kinda hard for me to get multiple rares ( R series ) at this time beigebigrazz.gif
Well, I won't be able to play with you guys, but perhaps we could still meet up and talk for a while. If you get a break or something. I know AC9breaker has my card, so maybe he could just look me up sometime that night.
Wishful thinking... spinning.gif
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