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Full Version: A battle where there can be no winners -- WHO wins
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Cast your votes.
Shark pwnz Croc. No contest. beigelaugh.gif
The Shark is so AT, he's gonna pwn that Croc no problem! buttrock.gif

A stooped Croc only has power when closing his jaws teh Shark can just hold his mouth shut with no effort!!!

GO AT ! SHARK FOR LIFE!!!!! at-emote1.gif war.gif
Flying Shark, fins DOWN!!!

To the spoils goes the SHARK!!! You can't handle its sandpaper like skin and freakish ability to crush a car with it's teeth.

(Yes, I know...Don't look at me like that)
And the clever Croc laughs as he's FOOLED YOU ALL! While everyone was obviously rooting for the Flying Shark, our sneaky underdog installed TEETH OF DOOM and DESTROYED the Flying Shark and became ALL POWERFUL.
What does a stooooooooped mithra know?
My money is on Buchanan...
no, I mean the shark.
how can a crock with wings defeat a shark that FLIES-BY-ROCKET?! now all he needs is a laser guided delivery system.
Shaaark attack! This shark eats like a maniac!
QUOTE (Zorya @ Mar 24 2004, 07:42 AM)
Shaaark attack! This shark eats like a maniac!

Oh my.... I remember that game. Blast from the past.
this whole shark vs. croc thing has been VERY disappointing... although not on the same scale as certain shows that have appeared in the lineup in the past. i was expecting much more.. at the very least a funny cartoon short.. but no we get interviews with retards and sock puppets.. joy of fucking joys. the only mildly amusing part of it is the wry commentary from the announcer. each night i ask myself what kind of fucking idiot finds this shit funny. then again, these are the same morons that keep oblongs and mission hill in reruns..

i realize the whole thing is a jab at the discovery channels new "what if" series that pits animals against each other (note that their croc vs. shark special debuted on the same night as flying shark-croc).. but at least discovery's show was entertaining.

I'll agree with you that the interviews were absolutely retarded, but I thought the original commercial was cute, satirically mocking old violent kids' shows. When sock puppets are introduced to anything, its comedic death warrant may as well be signed, but the animated commercial was witty. Unfortuntely, you can't see it anymore :/ Not on the site. Regardless, I put this up here just for fun, not to cause you or anyone else any discomfort.

And, hey, they managed to keep Cowboy Bebop on. Can't be all bad. beigebigrazz.gif

The notion of idiots controlling the entertainment -- or any other -- industry is of absolutely no shock. Momentarily disregarding TV, let's look at music. What's considered quality music these days? "He was a skater boy/my girlfriend dumped me/I'm going to slit my wrists because no one likes me/growing up was hard and terrible at best." Intellectual persuit immediately went out the door for emotional gratification through sympathy, which is horrible. Any generation of thinkers that may have existed in the past has been entirely whiped out by the need to sniffle on a baby blanket and have every person within their inherent Whiner's Radar comfort whatever mundane problem they seem to have trouble tackling. The victim in this of course is: learning, knowledge, rational thought. I'm a philosophy major, so to me, this is extremely disappointing. Nietzsche said it best, "it disappoints me every time that the majority lack an intellectual conscience." Anyway, enough ranting. If I'm not making sense, let's blame the nicotine fit :D
Ah well at least we have Clone Wars season 2 starting on Friday
Why must everyone seem to knock down meaningless fun?

There's nothing serious about this post, nor does anyone care who wins or loses..

It was just for laughs..

And laughing is good for the AT, the more we laugh the closer we come togeather as friends.

I for one love it here, and love you all. So the closer we come the happier I am.


Oh BTW... Dom you my babys daddy..
As we all know, the Crocodile won! He DESTROYED PUNY Shark with his TEETH of DOOM! :DD mwahhahahaahha
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