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Currently I have been having some financial issues that seem to be growing as each day passes. So I will be expierencing major downtime from the online scene and most definatly wont be Getting FF11 anytime soon.

Im gonna be busy working my ass off to pay certain debts I own and to try to get a new used car since my last one met an unfortunate accident. I will however be present for the Hobo cup [Event night] for PSO3 but just dont expect to see me online as Im usually on. Or on FF11 for quite some time too. =/

Hey, I feel ya brudda!

I have enough for FFXI, but the cash flow has lessened.

as an old pso aquantence of mine would say..
That sucks man. :( I hope everything works out for you in the car situation. I'm in a bit of debt troubles myself. Spring break proved to be mighty costly for yours truly. x_x On a bright note, at least you won't be leaving the PSO scene for that other game anytime soon.
At least you got to see me shine to level 2!
AC9 = the nicest hung of tin there is.
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