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Full Version: Eh?
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Yeah I see that you guys upgraded the site with like the new FFXI pics and stuff such as the bastokian astral rings (they both look the same) by each of the forum topics. This is cool but as soon as I log in everything goes back to the way it was before. Does this happen to anyone else?
I believe the Bastok skin is the default one that appears when guests come to the site. When one logs in, it changes to the skin they had when they were logged in last.
It is called a "skin" Basically it allows you to choose how you would like to view ATHQ. Currently we have 3 skins available for your viewing pleasure.


As it is new, the Bastok skin is set to the default. You can change your own setting via the front page Skin Select Box, or do it from your Controls.

QUOTE (Zio @ Mar 25 2004, 02:27 PM)
such as the bastokian astral rings (they both look the same)

Actually there is a slight difference in the Bastok Rings, depending on certain conditions. 5 AT Points if anyone can spot the difference.
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