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Full Version: omfg sweet quest!
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Diversions > Phantasy Star
theres some quest on on the jp servers called like chain of blue memories so anyways after mauri logged off last night i tried tried it..........
omfg this quest rules its a 1 player quest but break and orland are with you but they are kids they look so funny not onl that! they are the best npc's EVAR! to ba dthey hax using guard wave at lvl 65
I'm definately going to check this quest out this weekend. Can you do it on any difficulty level? Also, is it true that the quest has been translated to English?
Yeah, but only on japanese servers. Sadly, you won't be able to do the episode 3 joint quest even though you've completed the 1/2 portion. Makes me wonder what ST is up to . Oh and yes, any difficulty. On note, you should check out Nef and Teifu (With Matha, omgz) :o
there are two different key items you can get from this. one if your good and get A ranks on all areas, and another one if you get a B on at least one of them. two different EP3 quests are downloadable with these items, but, as said, the EP3 quests arent on the US servers yet, which is where the key items are stored...
I was told that the answers to the questions they ask is a factor to getting one of the key items (namely for the "Bullet of Future Assassin" quest).

I got both key items and this is what you get from the download quests:

user posted image
From "Antincipation of the Future", Richie
(You fight Break & Orland using Relmitos)

user posted image
From "Bullet of Future Assassin", Cipher
(You fight Kireek (!) using Relmitos)

Cipher's a cool monster. Richie's ok. user posted image

I have yet to try the quest out in English.

Looks like you get a couple of Pokemon!
I belive they're Billy Hatcher creatures, they seem decent though
Now on the US servers...

This IS a cool quest.
I tried it on Normal with a level 30 HUnny and didn't have very much trouble at all. I got lost in the Labyrith, but that's just me. I can't find my way around my own house.
I got two A's and a B rank. Blame it on the getting lost part. beigesmile.gif
I haven't fired up EP 3 yet to see what the download quest is yet.
Sword of Fire
QUOTE (Crawurm @ Mar 31 2004, 03:19 PM)
I belive they're Billy Hatcher creatures, they seem decent though

yea they are
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