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Full Version: Late For Work
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Wow. It's been forever since the scu robot has seen the light of day.
In this episode, I express my true love for FFTA. Here, there and everywhere...

user posted image
great one as always
Nice, hehe I like the mage looking one..

No luck with the 3D versions?

Only seen one of those.

But they're all awesome
Haha great I love these cartoons. Nothing makes me as proud then to see a fellow Humanoid make it big. SCU>Penny arcade

omfg I just clicked on SCU's sig, man thats the greatest!!! All this time and I didnt know that! trophy.gif
Haha SCU the white mage. Great stuff as always.
hah it's been a while since we've seen scu's latest adventures. Keep em coming, this one is great!
You guys are great.
It had been like three months since I had drawn anything. So, I popped in a CD (or two, three...) , popped open a beer (or two, four, si...) and got to work. I missed doing this. Plus, I still have more to tell on the "origin" story too. Not to mention my new love Harvest Moon for the GC came out. Ahh... tomatoes, carrots, cows, sheep, horse, dog, nice farmer girl next door... what's not to love? I expect a new strip soon.

oh yeah - I have been slow on my 3D illustrations. I was trying out techniques with shading and got frustrated. I was trying to emulate the thick black outlines. I could get a thin one, with a redering plug in, but it wasn't think enough for my liking. But, that was three months ago, so thanks for bringing back up. Makes me want to try again!

so, to wrap up. Thanks guys!

oh yeah 2 - AC9 clicked the sig! Earphones or speakers are a must for full effect. You won't go anywhere. It's just a very small animation with sound. I am working on a new ambientglitchbox version with interactivity! Coming very soon.
Great stuff as always scu. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I just now noticed the post. >.>
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