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Full Version: Welcome Nynaeve
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Now there's a name I haven't seen in... God knows how long. I guess SaitoH et al got you to finally sign up here.
Wow, I remember you! I partied with you once in the dunes! Glad to see you've joined our ranks. :D
Hiya Nyn...oh and Chim,i don;t think it's the same person,Nyn just got to play this weekend for the first time. teleport.gif
Nynzerkins! *PouncetackleHUGGGG*
Welcome aboard Nyn, we're glad to have you, here and in the Linkshell.


Hi all...actually Ikari is the culprit in terms of getting me here. ;^> He's also the reason I'm on Bismarck, many thanks to him for getting me to that place, and many thanks to all that have helped me out as I struggle through learning the game.

As for that "imposter" Nyn, how DARE she/he/it take my name, doesn't everyone KNOW that *I* am Nynaeve? *sigh*

WOOOOOOOOOOO YET ANOTHER NEW MEMBER?! Does the long line of new members ever come to an end? Anyway wlecome to the at-emote1.gif
Hey, the way I look at it, if they're worth having, let them come.
Big welcome from a recently joined person as well. beigelaugh.gif
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