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Full Version: Helloooo
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Greetings! Nice place you got here...I look forward to hanging out with you guys both here and in the game. =)
My sister Jennara and I usually play several nights a week when we can...of course, we share the same GC so you won't see both of us on at the same

On an unrelated note...was anyone else online on Tuesday night (March 4), around 11:30 PM pacific time, when the US servers suddenly up and died? lol! At first I thought it was just my gf and I were just hanging around talking to some friends in a lobby and suddenly I had this really severe lag. I got disconnected, and at first could not reconnect. I tried again and got through...when I entered the lobby (Altair 9), people started coming in around me...all of them had gotten DC'd as well. I looked at the ship info...and saw that there were 7 people on Vega! On the entire ship! SEVEN!! lol...if you play online a lot then you know that's not normal. The other US ships had almost no one, although it looked like the Japanese ships were fine. Only a few minutes later, I got DC'd again and this time could not get back on. We decided to give up then...I can only conclude that something happened to all the US servers...anyone know anything about this? I think Clay was on at the time, cause we had talked through simple mail a few minutes before it happened...
Anyway...enough of my rambling. =)
Hey Cid welcome to the board! wassup.gif Glad to see new people are showing up, hope you make this your online "home" king.gif

It almost sounds as if there was some type of maintenance Tuesday night, although I had not heard of any scheduled downtime. Possibly there was some emergency they had to deal with, or maybe there were a couple Japanese players getting married again, and they had to clear the servers to make room for Yuji Naka-san to preside over the ceremony beigelaugh.gif
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