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Full Version: Azumanga Daiho
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Has anybody watched this?

I popped in a one episode sampler disk as a joke, but it was really funny. So much so, that I am going to track down the disks when it comes out. I don't think it's released in the states yet.
Total goofiness.
Like super ultra mega cuteness that evern the characters themselves barf at the sweetness.
Sweet cuddly kittens that turn on you.
Very weird "scene breaks" that mean nothing.
General wackiness that made me laugh outloud.
Disposable cute pony tails beigelaugh.gif ...looks pretty good.
It is a good series, and sessej will back me up on that. In case some of you don't know, or remember, sessej is lux on PSO.

I downloaded the entire series back when kazaa was still running, and I would recommended to anyone who likes anime to watch it.

The first DVD in the series is supposedly being released on April 27.
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