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Full Version: NPC CLvs?
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Diversions > Phantasy Star
I E-Mailed an EP snapshot to myself via the awesome thing that was redone descovered recently. All i would get was the snapshot, but just now, i got something else. Apparently, the snapshot records the players levels that were in the game at the time of capture. I took one offline, in the Mourge, on EP3, and this is what was sent to me:

Mauri" [LV 13]
[LV 2106522713]
[LV 1824046589]
[LV 3873238848]
[LV 1236762274]
[LV 1316339200]
[LV 4157853245]

I am actually curious if anbody else gets this info sent with the snapshot
Shit. I hope I never have to battle anyone behind the counter. They would surely destroy me! I wonder what kind of cards you get at level 4,000,000.
*Another damn rappy? Shit. Oh wait... Another cane. Great...*
I hear they get TP attack pirate.gif

thats some crazy levels for the computer, but then again they needs their game genie levels to make up for their AI boo.gif
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