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Full Version: Resident Evil Outbreak
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I was interested in this for a long time but wasn't sure on whether I was going to get it or not, but after seeing the commercial I'm getting it. I hope the HDD isn't needed right away to play this titile tho. It won't get as much time as FFXI but it looks too interesting for me to pass up. Anyone else here getting it? I want to wait to see ratings but I don't think I can.
Sorry to post about this even though I don't own a PS2, but DAMN this game looks and sounds cool as hell.
If I could, I would buy a PS2 just for this game. I have seriously thought about putting my extra cash aside make it happen.
Zombies online... yumm. Running for your lives with 5 of your best friends... couldn't ask for anything more.
I've been thinking about this too, I have the HDD too, so I will try to get it, hopefully... beigelaugh.gif
I'm in,no hard drive but i have the BB Adapter. teleport.gif
I really would like to get it, I really enjoyed the beta even though most of my win games had me burning someone alive at the (*SGPAOSITLREURK*) hangsmiley.gif
Wow, this game is cool. It's more like a real zombie movie or realistic than any of the other Resident Evils I've played. I say this because not once have I made it past the part after you get out of the apartment. We always die trying to save one person or waiting for that one person to catch up. Dying is fun cause we can all go after that one person that messed up us lol. My only gripe is that without the HDD loading takes about 20-30 seconds but that doesn't bother me. I'm getting the HDD in a few weeks anyway when I build up some more money.
If you want I can write an easy(or default mode) speed walkthough for the first stage, assuming it hasn't changed from beta >.> ( I don't have a copy atm )
I rented the game for a few days...haven't got online yet so i'm not sure how the lobbies work? how can we meet to play with 3 other person we know?...well i'm off to play a bit and maybe we can set-up something for tonight?
I've only played in Automatic scenario Server mode so far but if you reply with your info etc, maybe we can meet up later. I plan to play outbreak from like 6pm-11pmest(after 11 it's FFXI time. I have no homework tonight which I'm glad about.) later minus time for dinner. It'll also be my first time trying the lobby servers.
Ok i created an account.
Name: riel(no caps)

I think that's all you need to do a search.They are working on trying to connect people who desire to play together on the same server,for now it's random bash.gif

When i make a game i will call it ATribe with apocalypse as the password.
I on too. My user name is ..... well duh AC9Breaker lol . Ill make PW games too with the name being ATribe but pw being"athonor".

SO far the coolest thing about this game I must say is.... FREE ONLINE PLAY!!!*does a little jig*

I could reallu use a HDD. LOading time is killing me... Literally too. I keep dieing cause I cant get out of the dam building in time cause it takes too long to load. lol skullcross.gif
Yeah, evening my time between this and Final Fantasy XI is gonna get hard come finals week (or easier if I can study at the rate I am now and still remember). I also need the HDD but I'm going to try and stick it out until it's offered seperately from ffxi. I may just get it if a certain college refund check comes soon. I'm gonna do some offline and get online at like 8:30-11:30pm est before I go on Final Fantasy 11. My loginname is Jeiran.
Currently have this rented, load time isn't too bad... Hasn't caused an Online death for me yet...

Hope to spot someone while I have it :>

Only played the outbreak stage so far though

*ps* Tip with me, if you see a lighter in my inventory. I've saving it til its needed :>
The lighter thing is a good idea. If we do meet online sometime, I can help you out because I've tackled all of the stages on easy and unlocked some of the costumes but Hard offline is crazy. Let's jsut say one time me and my AI partner got swallowed whole and it wasnt pretty.
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