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Full Version: PSO EP1, 2 and 3
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Heya! I just got online with my GC and started playing PSO, you should all join me!

Hehe, For all those who still play where could I possible see you online ship wise. Mostly no one is ever on..

Episode 3. Antares 5
For the time being, you'll most likely find me somewhere on Acy6, doing the great c-mode thing. heh...
And till summer break, I'm only probably gonna be on late night Friday and Saturday, unless otherwise specified. cry2.gif
AT has an official Block, but to be honest we all have each others guild cards. So, we just go where ever the action is at times. DAMN IT, I forgot AT's official PSO block. Not everyone uses it though.

Um, who here plays PSO anyway? I know AC9 does. I guess you(camulus) should meet up with those people playing PSO and exchange guild cards with them.

Also, there is PSOW's official block. Granted some of us here despise PSOW, but if your bored, it is usually filled with peeps to play. I only suggest playing there if your in ultimate mode. PSOWs website is a great source for PSO related information. I think it's Antares 8. It's easy to tell because the block is almost always full.

Also there is lobby FSOD to look out for. A basic glitch of PSO that can be easily avoided. I'll talk to you about that latter. General rule...

QUOTE (HC82 @ Mar 31 2004, 02:10 PM)

beigelaugh.gif You can't stress that one enough.
And yes, PSOw's block is Ant8. I'm usually there when I'm not doing c-mode for the simple fact there are actually people there. But it's best not to stay on the first lobby there; there's almost always an idiot spammer there and it can be pretty annoying.
Makes you wanna bash.gif em.
QUOTE (HC82 @ Mar 31 2004, 12:10 PM)
DAMN IT, I forgot AT's official PSO block. Not everyone uses it though.

Altair 05-07! I hope it has not moved...but yeah, we all have guild cards...except me..haha becuase I use PSO+ now 涙
Well ever since most of the tribe migrated to FFXI that block has been pretty empty.
Anteras 5 is the old Ship and is where most people hang out now a days and some really cool nice people too. If not go to altair 5. I should note that those of us who still play mostly are on PSO3 now so you wont find us in the regluar PSO2 Lobbys. Like I said before. I will have choice search on so if you find my name mail me and let me know. It will be under "Destined Encounter". Other options leave on default.^-^

Now the question is not where do we play.... But when do we play. Most of us are half Vampires so your best bet is sometime late night. Im on usually after 12:AM or 10 PM

as for FSODing not as bad as it use to be on EP2. Since now they moved to PSO3 and are trying to FSOD people there. >.< Athough it seems like ST is actually working on a solution to this problem =o
hello all PSO Hunters!
I have just reactivated my HL and hope to see you all soon.
For those who have never seen me before look out for...

scu - HUcast lvl 121
Terran - FOmar - lvl 43
Drawing - HUnny - lvl 20ish

scu - HUcast (really low levels)

I am up for it all! CMode? Alright! I've only ever made it to level 3 on ep 1&2 cmode, and I have never done ep3 cmode at all. Card battle? You know it! Forest to Ruins? No problem! Tournaments? Bring 'em on! Seabed? Tower? w00t!
Last I checked, ep3 didn't have a cmode. I know what you meant to say though. Excitement does that to people.
Vitamin D
I still play PSO, but I haven't been on in QUITE a while now. But it's summer break now, so I'll be on a LOT more. Finals skept me away from PSO, but now that that's done with, It's all gravy. Antares 5 is the chill place for me.
~i, too, shall be making the transition & return to PsO sometime this week; i've learned what i needed to know of ff-online, but to be honest ~ PsO still dominates...for myself, me thinks i'll be starting anew with a single avatar to level by & i'll most likely lobby bounce to meet new folks that still have the passion for stomping falz.. at-emote1.gif

time table set : at the latest wednesday.. ;)
Well, it'd be great if more people started coming back to ep1&2, as I don't have ep3 or FFXI. My summer break is coming up fast, so I'll be able to start getting on a lot more.
My location? Most of the time at Deneb9; Ant8 seems pretty barren now. Vega, obviously not for me. Altair is ok, but I usually don't go there too often.

Oh, and of course, Acy6. buttrock.gif
DivA, you'd better not ship jump too far away.

QUOTE (unitself @ May 10 2004, 08:49 AM)
DivA, you'd better not ship jump too far away.

~i'll try not to.. ;p i'll keep everyone posted as to where i'll be for online meetings & such; also, i'll need to start collecting contact cards again ~ doh.. ^^;
QUOTE (unitself @ May 10 2004, 08:49 AM)
DivA, you'd better not ship jump too far away.

Exactly which ship is she jumping away from?
... beigesleep.gif
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