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Full Version: PC question
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I was wondering something about the way PC's work.
I am a Mac person by preference, but I also use a PC at work.
So, on to the question! -
Can a larger monitor slow down a computer? I have a pretty old HP PC here that used to have this little 15inch monitor on it. It was kinda slow, but I only used it for testing and stuff so I didn't really mind. Recently, I put on a 21inch monitor and I SWEAR the computer is goin much slower. Is that possible? I have never seen this happen in any of my Mac years, but I am in PC land so I am out of my element.

I have checked the hard drive, it's only like 3/4 full.
I am not running in ultra high res mode or anything.
hrm... I could drop the res and/or number of colors for the display and see if that does anything, but that's no solution cause I need the extra size and colors.

Any ideas?
Technically speaking even if you use a old horse 486 SX22, with a 39 inch monitor (if there is one), it wouldn't slow the PC down, as monitor is only use to display whatever the graphic card send for it to show.

Your slowdown effect could be from other reason. Did you by chance install any new application? Especially any new application that has a tendency of sticking to tghe startup will slowdown your system... or perhaps some virus?
also you should use something like spybot and make sure there is nothing running in the background
There are cases where if you change your video options you will slow down the performance of your machine. Try turning down the resolution a notch and try using a 16bit color settings.
proj, he said he needs the resolution and the colors.

scu, you said it was running slow even before the monitor upgrade, maybe it's time to upgrade the entire system?
Good ideas all everyone, specially the virus and spyware ones.
Since this is a work computer, we are consistantly up to date on protection, so I know thats not it.
I tried to lower the resolution to a crazy low setting, no difference.
Oh well...
It is time to upgrade that sucker. I think an email to the boss is in order.
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