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Full Version: Hobo Cup
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All righty folks the moment you all have been waiting for is here. Registration for the "Hobo Cup" is now open. I have opend it earlier then planned in order to give people enough time to register and group people up. We will group people by level in order to make the match even so to speak. I will then post the teams Next Thursday. Wednesday will be the last day to register so make sure you sign up soon. As stated before any of your friends are more then welcomed to join the event. Just make sure they read and understand the rules below and enter the appropiate inforamtion requested. Which is
Character name:
Offline CLv:
Online Clv:

Also we are all friends here to have a good time so please try not argue over petty things like,"omg you got lucky with dice." If you lose you lose. ITs just a game . No need to get all bent out of shape for it. So just chill out and be considerate. I dont think its needed to post behavior rules, everyone at these forums are pretty senseable.

Rules & settings:
1 dice min
6 max
Time limit: 30 minute
Vitory conditions: Defeat team.
No deck editing between matches

Location: Altair 6 ( subject to change)
Time: 7PM Pacififc time
8PM Mountain time
9PM Central time.
10PM Eastern time

*PS if you have already registered at another forum please dont register again. Once is more then enough.
On - 35
Off - 20 <--- NEW CLVS EDITED IN

I guess I'll give it a shot :l
EDIT: I doubt I can make it. I can never be sure with anything that is planned because my time available isn't always set.
Character name: Kazicht
Offline CLv: 11
Online Clv: 6 (hopefully higher later)
On; 4
Off; 19

Hope to get in some more leveling, don't wanna depend on one deck the whole time beigelaugh.gif
lol i just noticed what the logo is ronald mc donald and the kfc dude XO id enter but i cant guarantee ill be back online by then i got owned by bills last week >.>
hah hah i was about to say, whats with the Evil ronald McDonald, and the Colenel on steroids?! beigelaugh.gif
Off: 18
On: 17

:Gah am I slacking on offline or what? beigebiggrin.gif :
Current CLvs:
[updated CLvs]
just for bragging rights

offline 50

That's not bragging, that's just sad.

I'm in.

Online: 7
Offline: 6
well its mainly that high because i can play offline at work
Okay, count me in.

Name: explodet

On: 18
Off: 22
I'm in for this..

Name: Camulus
Online Clv: 1
offline: Clv 3
Iam in...

Online Clvl 15
Offline Clvl 14 i think...
Remember guys! today and tomorrow are the last days to register. You can register friends too. Just make sure they understand the rules and stuff. Teams will be posted on Thursday

Im kinda slow at processing information so just to make sure, Alisha your NOT in it, correct?
Sword of Fire
Character name: Disonence
Offline CLv: 9
Online Clv: 17

Hadnt played for a while
Speaking of haven't played in a while,i'm not sure if i can find opponents heh,

Name: Riel

2 offline.

Maybe i can help set up things or something,anyway i will be there.
Been busy lately, but I'm still up for it.

CLvl 11 online
CLvl 17 offline
ATTENTION I am currently posting from my computer science class in school. The reason being is that my internet has decided to crap out on me so I am unable to access it. Therefore I am unsure if I will be able to attend the event much less post the teams since there is an extensive list of people from all of the 3 Forums which I have asked to participate in this event. If I dont post the teams by the end of the day that means that my internet is still down and most likely wont be able to attend the event and other stuff. So therefore I am leaving the decison up to you guys of weather to continue on with the tourney or reschedule it to next week and what not.

The anger that I feel right now is too much for words. --------> (>.<)

ALSO DONKEY has to approve of the idea because if I am unable to make it He will have to do all the work byhimself. user posted image
Geez, that sucks, AC9.
My internet is pretty crappy as well, but at least it works.

As for going on with the tourney, heh, it's out of my hands anyways, so it doesn't matter to me. beigelaugh.gif
whoever wins will have to contact me because i wont be back online till after easter
okay!!!! I finally got it up and running. Working on teams now. Will be posted in a few.
SO excited I forgot to log in! guns.gif
I just looked at the prizes again and i noticed i have 3 of each, other than the double cannon -.-
who cares it should be about fun not getting prizes :o
QUOTE (Alisha @ Apr 10 2004, 12:42 PM)
who cares it should be about fun not getting prizes :o

:l you know how i am with competition
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