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Full Version: More bizarre (french/english/Japanese) stuff
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Attack of the giant ret octopus.

I found this one to be pretty funny.
That is quite possibly the greatest thing I have seen on the internet this week.

Thank you.
You're welcome.
That was just insane. Thanks for posting it.
dude. excellent.
good find D.E.

oh yeah - this weeks Homestar is along the same vein. :D

CARRROOOOOT SAAAAAAAABER GOOOOOOOOOO! beigebiggrin.gif That was really great. spinning.gif
beigelaugh.gif yeah carrot saber hehe
I lust loved all the sentai/anime references in there. I was surprised the robot didn't have a 3-5 part "gattai" (unite) like today's sentai mechs do. Well, they didn't up till about 1981, after following the trends established by mecha anime such as Combattler V, GoLion (Voltron) et al. The robot in this thing was somewhat more of a Mazinger/Pilder combination. There I go again... I think I know too much about Japanese anime/tokusatsu robots for my own good.
hehe... carrot valkyries
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