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Full Version: My night on April 1st.
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I was offline, for what seemed like forever, yesterday, the whole day wasted to accomplish something. I decided to do story mode, I thought to myself that i should try to make more dents in it. After a grueling 3 days with 5 attempts on the Mourge Attack on the Darkside, I had just finished Ohgun's Rappy rescue mission and used Endu (my favorite Arkz) on Puzzle Solving against Orland and Relmitos the night before, and was right after Leocon Knight the night on Heroside. I was close to the end of the Arkz story, so I started there. Everything went well, until the dreaded 2 vs 1, which took me 2 Endu, 2 Reiz, and a Memoru attempt, until i caved and used my offline Break/Slime/Tech deck (used for the Arkz Mourge Battle I previously mentioned, netting me nothing lower than a B on every battle i used it in).

This battle is total cheese. I was ripped apart and blown up left and right by Sil'er's AP stacking, and by Kranz's Yas2kH, and to make matters worse, they used the COM cheating thing where it will flash one of thier faces and will either double thier damage or block your attack completly. Do they honestly need to do that? out of 5 attempts, it happened to me 5 times, 2 attempts with 2 each! I owned them with Poully Slimes and techs. A notable event was the combination of Stamina (MV=9) and Haste.

After claiming my reward for that battle, I am ushered into Red's office with battle music playing in the R-Base. The Great Shadow has been located and I am to dispatch a team immediatly! My fight with Castor was about to begin.

user posted image

I remeber my battles with Leocon Knight and knowing there is very little solo tech resist, i went into the battle with my best Arkz tech deck, Memoru with Chaos Sorcerer, Deldepths, and Cananes (I've had this deck since day 1, and Alisha can tell you that I made this out of the blue without knowing the Arkz tech deck archetype). First attempt was a test attempt, to see what Castor was made off. I rushed her due to sucky rolls, managed a C-Sorc out and bringing her to 10 Hp before getting owned by her chesse range action cards. After a while, i got fed up, and used her 6 AP/6 TP against her, Rufina with Gulgus (copy) and C-Sorc in a goofy Rufina/Tech. Casto wedged between me, the dog, and the Sorcerer, getting pummeled with Bartas, Zondes, and Foies. I won tha match after 4 attempts (got nothing great, netted a Garanze as a new card and a Soercerer's Cane)

I now start on Heroside. Knowing this will be easy, i rush Arkz with my Saligun deck and owning with my mad damage (using Lightning Partisan, Vjaya, and Flowen's Shield) for S ranks galore (same as Arkz side with Endu).
I hit the Hunter version of the Mourge attack, and breeze through it, first attempt, gaining B's accross the board. Poor Kranze met his "demise" and when i returned to the mourge, i took this:

user posted image

I hit the 2 vs 1 match, using Ino'lis, and own that with an A, first attempt. Techs > Break/Lura. I'm rather disappointed that Heroside is so easy. AFter I cook up some dinner, I enter the Mourge to the battle music, and after hours of offline stuff, im at Pullox.

user posted image

I do the tech thing again, Relmitos (used on Leocon Knight), and fudge up my timing with physical attacks and techs, killing me on my first attampt. I was told that Pullox is Dark attribute, so i make a deck kind of specific for this battle. Ino'lis cannot be used so i use Glustar. I did a quest just before this, only able to use Glustar. I teched a Native creature with wand, doing 1.5x damge. Now aware that Attribute Slayers effect techs, I add Caduceus, Dark Slayer. Needless to say, I was doing 11 damage to Pullox, and she went down fast. I am then whisked into the Final Battle with "The Great Shadow": Amplam Umbra.

(No snapshot, I ran out of memory cards)

Easy! Amplam Umbra is Dark attribute, too, so I just Caduceus/teched it to death. A Gibbles came out early, but never moved, a Crimson Assasin stalked around and a Chaos Bringer just sat there looking at the scenary. The Crim came near, and it was blasted by Club of Laconium (A.Beast Slayer + Cane Halfguard = no change). Once it was all finished, I watched my Section ID spin around a little and the Title screen appearing. Starting up to go online, I used the Dressing Room option to change from this:
user posted image
To this:
user posted image

My point, now, is that Hunters are so disappointingly easy to use,, especially techs (which is another point all together). I worry about my online battles, always standing face to face as we pelt each others' shields hoping for that elusive Punch or roll of 6 oon the dice. The saddest thing is that you hear people complaining about Arkz more, saying "Roadblocking is a cheap way to win", but you never hear about Arkz rushing with Hunters. 3 turns and the hunter is in your face, dealing damage as you run behind your booma. It's sad that after a month, alread, I almost feel like quitting. The only reason I'm still playing is that i have great friends online. Although I have fun with them, they're on late night for me, and my entire day is boring against COM, because the average human player are just so petty. But i digress, the game is fun, and I'm sure that within another month, people will be using Rati and Fly and complaining about something entirly different.
Hmm, interesting synopsis of the game. Well personally I know that there will alawys be people who complain about everything. Even in real life, whenever competition is involved no one likes to admit that they loss or that they suck. But admiting to this very fact is the very first step to becoming a great player. You realize your flaws instead of denying it. The key is realizing what to do to correct them. Personnally I love playing with JP folks since they dont talk to me much cause they know that I wont understand. If they do talk to me, I dont understand what the heck they're saying so I dont care what they say.LoL

But still, its funny sometimes listening to how some players gripe about stuff. Like "omzg you got lucky when you got the 6 roll!" Yea but you failed to mention the two consecutively 2/1 that I rolled before it. When I construct a deck, I try to go for something that can be ready for any situation.

You must admit though, It s fun getting new cards. :D
i have a shot of anplum umbla if you want it msg me on the sega forums and i can email it to you
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