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Full Version: Shocking PSO News! ...
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Salt? :/ Some folks are thinking a PS2 port :shrug: But I don't think Naka will give in... After this Blue Burst mess. I have nothing positive to say currently.
How about we be optomistic and hope its the announcement of PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2!!!!

No more bullshit ports.
you can count on IGN to report BS half-or-incompleted news and its one thousand and one ads before, and after, that news >;l

meh @ the not quite real news
How do you say "vague as all hell" in japanese?
Anyways, I'd like to phantasize that a new version of PSO is in the making and they are going the full MMORPG route. Not just an update, ala PSO ep2.
Besides, just a PS2 port is not mind blowing.
Why do most want the series to go the MMORPG route? MMORPG's are boring by nature anyway, with how LONG it takes to practically do anything of note. >_>
well a mmo pso would be great if they could keep the battle system somewhat intact
erg forgot to log in that one is me
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