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Full Version: Future FF11'er
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I'm thinking of starting to play the game, my friends Dorian, Astrid, and HC have asked me to get hooked. I know them in real life, they're quite awesome people. I'll probably start playing the game in the summer when I have time to devote myself to it. chocobo.gif
My name is Vega.
What the Dude?!? Who is this person....


Vega is a real life friend of me, cam, and chim. Vega is mad cool and will be a fine addition to the forums.
Ew, it's VEGA! Vega sucks! Don't let Vega post here; It'll taint the boards with its dirty, offensive posts. Vega's horrible, everyone. I really don't want it here. Tell it to go away!!!

Just kidding. Love ya', Vega. :DDD toast.gif
Hey hey Vega. Good to finally see you on the boards. No you can talk to me and Chim no matter where we are! Hahaha.. No more complaing that we play to much FFXI

Vega is teh awesome. Everyone must like 'er or I'll kill you!

or eat you... Whichever is worse..

Hiya, Vega.. nice to meet'cha. ^^ You must have a lot of paticence to put up with those three all at once. ;p
(kidding! you know I loves ya all. ^.~)

Have fun here at the boards, and I hope to see you on Vana'diel this summer! =D
Ah...salutations m'lady! I hope you find your stay in Vana'diel as enjoyable as us. Pardon, of course, the multitude of fools and idiots, who often plague other online societies. But most of all...have fun and relax. toast.gif
Welcome aboard Vega, I'm sorry I missed this. I'm glad you signed on, and I hope to see you on Vana'diel soon.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Vana'diel beigesmile.gif its has a lot of trees?
Welcome indeed, look forward to seeing you on Vana'diel beigesmile.gif

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