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Full Version: Hobo Results
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Okay after a little bit of chaos with members dropping out and a little bit a bracket editing. the tournament was set underway and commenced at about 10:20 PM Eastern time. I must apoloigize to crushinator,bilix,Lil'Rena,and Kyori for having you guys in uneven teams. I kinda expected two people not two show up so I was ready for that but not 4 people =/ Well anyway, despite all that I feel the event proved very succesful with us getting a big turn out. It came to an exciting conclusion with two Indi belras dominating the field.

So far Ultimate X has claimed one of his prizes. Sinow zoa from alisha. Now Izumi must claim hers. I dont know if Celes and Craw claimed their prizes from donkey. Onc e again I must think everyone who made ot and for making this such a huge success. Especially DJ_Donkey for coming up with tourney and being the m,ajor supporter and sponser for it. Special thanks to Alisha for donating her cards as prizes for such a noble cause. now here are the result.

Being that the teams in first bracket had the overall better record hey had the chance to get one free game. hence the Buy game. I would appriciate any feedback from people who attended. Any complaints, comments, anything, please post.

Here are the results.

ForeverZero X
Reil X
Lil'CelesOO Buy game O WINNERS!
CrawurmOOBuy game O WINNERS!

Kyori X
Crushinator X
Explodet O X
Omar O X
Castoth X
Nisshoku X
IzumiOOO X Runner ups!
Ultimate X OOO X Runner ups!

Camulus O X
Ultmecia O X
YoYo X
Kazicht X

Bilix OO X
Lil'Rena OO X

That was a great tournament (even though I got knocked out first round *sorry Kyori!*), and I appreciate the effort you guys went through to get it together.

Congrats to all you winners too!
I got pwned the first round too ; ;
But it was still fun, and really cool getting together in the lobby with everyone.
Looking forward to future events. shades.gif
Congrats Wurm and Lil' it was an awesome night. When's the next one!? Hhahaha

Many thanks to the two who started this. And Many thanks for letting me join.

It would be awesome if my n00b self won. Hahaha

Again, it was an awesome night. buttrock.gif
First off, I want to thank everyone who made it to the event. Even with the few that dropped, it was a good turnout (I almost couldn't make it myself =p). If that wasn't any indication, the lobbies were mad crazy with people. Kinda brings a tear to my eye hehe. And sorry for spontaneously signing on and off at a few points of the night.
A huge thanks to AC9 for the big help on organizing this event.

Congrats to Craw & Celes who owned with their twin Indi Belras (Didn't see that coming at all). It was an interesting match (with at least 10 of us watching). Though it took a few tries (One being the game is all in Japanese for me), I got around to giving them the prizes. Hope you guys enjoy it!
*in the f-zero guy voice* Thanks for playing!

I'm not sure when but I don't mind organizing another tournament (in which I would like to participate in at least). And I don't think we'll have prizes for the next one (at least in-game wise... maybe a gift certificate for a happy meal or something) since by that time everyone will have some uber cards. But you guys know that its not all about the prizes right? king.gif
Also, I might want to apply the drop out penalty haha.
As AC9 have said, any feedback would be appreciated.

It was very fun, pity I was side-tracked the whole time >.> lol

I was laughing so hard when we pulled out the Double Indinator!!! beigebiggrin.gif pirate.gif

Still all the matchs we're close ones ;)

Great team set ups too buttrock.gif

I hope the next Hobo cup is called;

HoboCup2: It's not just Hobocup1!

Hobo was good stuff, even though I was eliminated first round beigebiggrin.gif At least I won the post-hobo beigebiggrin.gif I suggest that you guys should punish people that drop ! (As you guys jokily discussed last night) But damn, that was one major final battle. If only Izumi/Xcorrupt had something like Companion.

Thanks for organizing this you two! It was such a great turn-out.

Here's the post Hobo group pic!

user posted image

You can see me and Donkey doing some lobby actions too :3
Vitamin D
I only caught the later part of the tourney, but the matches were fun to watch. I wish I could have participated myself, but it's all good. And the Double Indi Belras...that was just...WRONG. beigelaugh.gif I got DCed during that match and just stayed off after that. I look forward to another tourney soon.
o.o Whoops, didn't even realize I was supposed to get a prize. beigebiggrin.gif I'll have to go and get that tomorrow. I'm really tired. >< Stayed up till 2:30am marathoning ROD TV, then had to drive 45minutes home >< *yawn* And I gotta wake up early. Anyways... sleeeeeep... *drifts off*

Edit: And oh man, that finals match really had me scared. I had nothing really against those belra. I wished I would have played my rappies deck. It had been special editted for the tourney, I added an assist vanish and a fix. Could have been game turning... oh well. It was a fun night. I'd like to see it done again.

For reference sake, fix is an assist card that makes all field characters ap = 2.
I agree that it was just WRONG to go against 2 indinator's at once, but maybe it was a good thing that mine wasn't taken down, I had bequeth(sp) so that would have netted us 10exp just because you killed it and then it would have given me room to send in my dink army mog.gif
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