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Hey everyone. Just thought I'd pop by here to say hello. Oh and, no more of this ZEOTA=imperfect Layrinn/Zorya clone nonsense. I didn't mind it at first, but it's just getting old and retarded now.
Hiya Z....what's that all about?..i never heard that hehe...anyway i call you Z and i call Zorya Zo,like you saw last evening.

Anyway welcome to the forum. spinning.gif
hello there Epyon, welcome to ATHQ :D
Thank you.

For Riel>
This was stemming from my happening to have the same color mag as Layrinn as well as the same hairstyle only lighter. Now it seems I have the same get-up as Zorya does, I've allegedly become a "hybrid clone" of the two. Since I showed up on VM, I've taken some heat for it by random members over the past couple months. While I completely understand the whole concept of "good natured ribbing amongst friends," but it does get redundant when said issue is dragged out almost everytime these friends meet. I chose my appearance for the fact it matches most of the weapons i use.
Blame Yuji Naka and co. for the limited character creation options.

With that said, I could really care less if I ran into a carbon copy of myself. (I have seen some looking exactly like my DC era HUcast, but never while I played as said char) As you all know, the appearance of one's character has no effect on their in-game performance or the person behind the keyboard. Sure it reflects one's tastes in that particular class's hair/clothing/paint-jobs but that's really it. If this is really starting me off on the wrong foot here, allow me to extend my sincerest apologies.
Hey DarkEpyon welcome to the ATHQ wassup.gif glad you decided to check us out and I hope you become a regular here.

Don't sweat the rant, I'm sure no one minds a bit of ranting beigelaugh.gif Feel free to complain all you want, we're cool with that here.
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