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We've all heard shitty covers of some of our favorite songs, by all these crappy, new-age bands that make us think they've ruined its original sound forever. But there are those few good ones. Which are your favorites?

I have two, the first is the cover of Simon and Garfunkle's "Sound of Silence." It completely twists the original and adds a very eerie feel to it, without cheapening it like so many modern bands do. I love the original, but this one is completely different.

Also like the cover/reformation of "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals, which was originally a folk song about a girl in a whorehouse.
I've really come to like Coldplay's version of "Lips like Sugar." Of course it can't touch the original by Echo and the Bunnymen, but it was fun to listen to nonetheless.

Another cover that was simply badass was Guns n Roses doing the classic Nazareth tune "Hair of the Dog." If I ever had a theme song, that would be mine. :D

EDIT: Can't forget Disturbed's rendition of "Shout." Tears for Fears goes hardcore. Not a bad concept. ;)
Interesting topic. ^^

Now that I think about there are tons of covers that I really like. Even the Transformers theme song unitself posted here was stuck in my head for a couple days. beigelaugh.gif

Just a few off the top of my head:

Metallica- Last Caress
Battery - Gangsta's Paradise
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Tori Amos - I donít like Mondays
I loved KMFDM's cover of Spank, originally done by my favorite band, the Kidneythieves. Although their cover of Mysterious Ways and also Bad Touch were good, too. KMFDM is the only band whose covers I tend to like.

Heh, very into industrial music.
Oh Vega, then you must be familiar with Coil's cover of "Tainted Love". It's a very somber version of the 1984 hit by Soft Cell. I love industrial cover songs, let me think of a few more off hand. Nine Inch Nail's version of "Suck", originally performed by Pigface comes to mind. Electric Hellfire Club's rendition of the Pink Floyd classic "Lucifer Sam". Godflesh doing AC/DC's "For those about to Rock" was a heavy grinding bulldozer of a cover.

There are just so many I could go on and on.
I liked Marilyn Manson's covers of "Sweet Dreams" and "tainted Love."
One of my favorite covers is Dream Theater covering "Funeral For A Friend" by Elton John. I've always thought Elton John was an excellent song writer and musican, but he just didn't rock hard enough to suit me. Dream Theater fixed that. ^.~

Another favorite of mine is Metallica covering "Whiskey In The Jar"... I don't really know who the original artist is.
Rinn, I heard something about Dream Theater releasing an entire live CD with them covering the entirety of Metallica's Master of Puppets, got any info on this?

Whiskey in the Jar was also done by Thin Lizzy, but I think it is originally an Irish folk song.
Speaking of Metallica, I liked their cover of Bob Sieger's "Turn the Page."
QUOTE (Dive @ Apr 15 2004, 06:19 PM)
Rinn, I heard something about Dream Theater releasing an entire live CD with them covering the entirety of Metallica's Master of Puppets, got any info on this?
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