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Full Version: Registration Validation is on!
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Due to Sword of Fire's refusal to leave, and registering two new accounts, I have had to enable Admin Validation of new registrations. Until further notice, any new registrations will have to be validated by me.
The JadeDragon
Wow...what a knucklehead. Can't you just use IP ban?
Good show. Jokers like him piss me off.
Its probably for the best. We had to pull the same move at Ninjagamer, and it was for the best.

Its not like people are siging up like crazy here and you'd be overwhelmed with registration acceptances anyhow.
QUOTE (The JadeDragon @ Apr 14 2004, 05:42 PM)
Wow...what a knucklehead. Can't you just use IP ban?

Dial up uses different IP addresses each time sign on occurs...
It is possible to ban a range of IPs but what if a legitimate user is using the same IP and then can not log into the site...

There is really no way to win...the admin validation looks best though, but now it has to be checked daily for potential new users...what a frustration one user can cause. It happens the same way on the Alcyone:06 ship. One bad player makes everyone look bad ><
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