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Full Version: who are we to you?
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~describe the member above you; as in ~ personality.. & keep in mind not to describe the same member twice; a new week cannot begin properly without new threads, oui? ^^
DivA- n- The living fantasy. Humble and inquisitve by nature. Always looking for the different perspective but always thoughtful on the views of others. A great partner to adventure with, and most likely an even greater adversary to duel against. A uniquie and intruiging person. Diva, The stuff Lord of the ring novels and other fantasy novels are made of.

Hey this is a pretty cool thread. 8D
this is gonna be hard for me since i only know a few of you soo um..


hmm.. well he seems like a cool dude! lol... never really seen him say anything bad or wrong.. or badong beigebigrazz.gif i dont know.. i shall just say he has a cool or nice personality! woot
You're such a loser Omar, I hate you.


Nah, Omar ain't afraid to say what's on his mind, that's why he's the homie.
^ This guy is one kickass bastid. If you wanna meet the illest, chillest mofo around, this guy is your man. He'll bring a tear to your eye... in a good way. His sense of humor rocks (he actually laughs at my shit :o). If you ever need to talk to someone about anything, look no further than Retehi (Just keep the Internet drama to a minimum plz beigebigrazz.gif).

Caffeine, vodka, tacos, hot sauce, chicken wings, and a keyboard.

WinAmp playing Tubthumping by Chumbawumba.

Thus we have Retehi.

^All around nice guy. Go out and drink or play PSO, but lay off the drama.
^Great person, incredibly fun times on pso. Hit 200 with ya, fun stuff. Loves all kinds of Japanese stuff but I can't blame ya because there is alot of the same stuff out there I like I just don't have the time for. Many more things I could say but it would be like a page long.^
I see Zios as someone ultimately resposible, as made evident by his decision to quit FFXI because he had more practical priorities. He cares about his scholastic performance, which shows that he has a lot of ambition and determination. I think he will go very far in life.
The JadeDragon
Astrid is someone that I think just knows how to have fun. Every time I see Astrid, there is always some laughs and good times going down lol. Astrid seems to have a deep love with Rogue(the X-Men not the sucky one that posts here lol), and in FFXI is more often than not willing to help someone in need. I've just started learning about our wonderful Astrid, and I hope in the future I will get to learn more...
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