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Full Version: How do you cope with FFXI maintenance?
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So I wake up this morning expecting to be able to get on FFXI, and lo and behold, there's server maintenance.

The facts are, as soon as it's done, I have to download some stinkin' two hour patch, and then my siblings get home and I find myself suddenly lacking in FFXI-addiction-ebbing substance.

So how do YOU cope with server maintainence? Whether it's going on a mad rampage through your neighborhood, carrying around foam weapons, chasing small children ("Hey! I provoked you, get back here!!), or sitting down for a nice cup of coffee and laughing at my misfortune, we all have our 'coping strategies'.

This just happens to be mine:

user posted image

user posted image
I reply on the AT forums and listen to music. =P

Simple answer, like my simple life. beigelaugh.gif
I get around to finally posted 6+ month worth of pics in the FFXI Forum. =p

BTW, I think I have over 2000+. This is just a small sample -_-;

iiii sit here and stare at the monitor beigesleep.gif
I'm at work/school and I'm usually on later at night so I'm busy anyway.
I .... study? (wtf is that O_o;;)

I won't be able to play today anyway. Got an exam tomorrow for school. I just wanted to get some fishing in. >_<;
~maintenance.. o@ i totally forgot about that.. >.> well, i can always draw; i gots a preliminary drawing of Dream that i'm thinking of finalizing......either that, or i can do laundry ~ yay.. -.-
i watched matrix revolutions finally... now theres only about 15 other movies i need to catch up on. >.>

I liked it.
Server maintenence is nothing. I think the last time I waited for maintence I think I called a friend and we complained about it and talked about FFXI for like an hour. But yeah thats nothing considering I cant get on FFXI for around 25 days >_<
I just got home after picking up $80 worth of art and photography books. I know what I'm doing heh.

*looks to his left at TV*

...damn update. skullcross.gif
I was in school the whole time hehe. boring lectures... homework... *rambles on forever*
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