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Full Version: I owe everyone an appology
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Ok it's been brought to my attention that i've made a reeeally bad impression on a lot of you by things i've said on the LS. A lot of people have got the impression that i'm always looking from you guys to help me do what i need to do and not willing to help others out. That's not true at all and i'm sorry my actions have led a lot of you to believe this about me. Most of the time i've only been joking around and i didnt realize that you all were taking me seriously. *sigh* very rarely am i being serious, i joke around a lot, but now that i've seen how what i've said looked to other people i can see how you all took me to be selfish. I know i havent offered to help a's not that i dont want to ..i still just feel kinda out of place, and that there's not much i can do to really help. i dont know enough about the game to know what i can actaually help out with. I am really very sorry guys, please forgive me. :(

To Zor: ok things got out of hand with us the other night your tell kinda aggrivated me the way you said things to me. I seriously thought i thanked you for your help, if i didn't i am sorry. I really did apreciate your help. i kinda just thanked everyone on the ls at once that was helping me with it, because i was getting advice from a couple people on sandy fame. so thank you again..or for the first time..cause i honestly dont remember.

again i'm really sorry guys please dont bash.gif me
Well...the important thing is that you apologized, although we should as well...I admit my thoughts of you were augmented by many of your requests, and now I know I was wrong...So allow me to be the first...I apologize for considering you unhelpful and uncaring...hopefully this will rectify my mistake...and make you see that you are welcome here. ^_^
Well, I didn't notice it, and I still love you :D It's a win-win situation, Ell.

To bad Elli, I hate you! LEAVE NOW!

Haha.. I'm an ass.

Everything is all cool on this end. it was all just one big misunderstanding, at least from the way I see it.

Hopefuly others will too.
I'm not going to forgive you because I didn't even notice this at all. Actually you've helped me out twice for rank 3 and the whole group came for rank 4. So really I didn't even recognize this.
awww thanks you guys, that means a lot to me
Wait a minute. You're Rank 5 and walking around in full Hume female RSE and yet you "don't know enough about the game" to help anyone?
No worries ^_^ I really didn't notice it myself...
Wait a minute. You're Rank 5 and walking around in full Hume female RSE and yet you "don't know enough about the game" to help anyone?

#1. she already apologized to you publicly and gave you credit.. give her a break and drop the shit already..

#2. ful RSE only needs a person to be lev 33...thats not very high..and im sure ls members have helped her get the rse.. not like she just went out and got them.. im sure a very helpful high level helped her.. and thats the same for rank dont need to know alot about the game to have either rank 5 nor rse gear.. she most likely got the info from ls members and did what they told her to do

#3. i have a lev 30 pld and still ask questions all the time...i still dont know everything about this game.. and half the time im half way across the world to help anyone anyway....thats just how the game is... most of the people asking for help are always coffers keys/ rse/ or to low of a lev for the first two (and so is she to be truly helpful and effective.. and the last one i barely know anything about the missions.. i just followed people...etc... there is no way in hell i could lead someone to the bastok dragon for rank 3... did i do the mission? yes. do i know everythign about it.,. and how to get there? no....

just give it up already.. people ask for help.. nobody is obligated to say yes or no... you help you help... i think its sad when you help someone just so you can get something in return at a later date...

i took two months off and now im at least 10-20 levels behind.. i can mainly be helped than help.. especially at this point where im trying to catch up to the high level people....its not fair to hate me or say stuff about me because i need help and trying to get it done as fast as possible so i can be able to help in the future.. or play with everyone from the ls....
Omar I know you ment well and all but sometimes its best to leave things be. Theres no need to beat a dead horse. Reason being is that it is very easy to misinterpret and misconstrue somebodys messages.

Each person has their own beilefs and views. If you experienced something, you probably wouldn't want anyone telling you what to think on the matter. Well maybe you would, but not everyones like you so it's best to let people be. No matter how wrong you may think it is. We are each allowed to beileve what we believe.

Im not trying to belittle you or anything, or say Zoryas view is wrong. Im just saying let things be. "Que sera-sera" (What ever happens happens.)
Omar, stay out of this.

It is beyond you.
Eh, Elli, I can't be mad atcha you know? It's not like I'd cut my wrists and stuff about something I barely noticed. Plus, I'm rank 5 myself and still ask some pretty n00bish questions. *shrug* I just like doing my think and having fun though, so I figure you're doing the same.
Rant, What rant? I honestly didn't notice and I probably wouldn't care if I did. I don't see anything to forgive.
no need to flog this dead horse any longer.
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