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Full Version: RE:O Outbreak walkthrough (Speed) Spoilerz!!11!
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I decided to make a quick walkthrough for people who want to go the fastest times, without just breaking the damn doors down..., so here we go. This walkthrough is based on Easy and normal modes, only had the game for a week to mess around with beigebigrazz.gif

This is for Online mode, but can be followed offline

Depending on who you pick you'll either start in the bar or in the womens restroom.
First room;
If you start in the bar with the barrels in view I suggest, for bonus points, to go straight for the barrels and block the door to add some time before the zombies break through. If you start in the bar away from the barrels then I suggest to go grab the key to the door( on the counter of the bar or in the Mens Restroom ) and start heading upstairs to the staff room. If you start in the womens restroom, go to the mens restroom you'll most likely get the key and you can snag the handgun in their too.

Second room between the bar and the staff room;

Just run up the stairs to the staff room, if you didn't find a First Aid Spray its ok you can get a Green herb and combine it with a Red one later or get a First aid spray in a later room.

Third Room, Staff room;

If you're the first one to this room I suggest running into the room with next to the locked door to get the ligher, either right in front when you enter or at the end of the room but you gotta move fast or a crow comes, then get the key from the table in the staff room (it has a newspaper on it). If you're second or third to enter the room go get the nail gun on the desk near the fridge and wait by the wooden boards til everyone has entered then nail it shut (saves time from zombies and gives you more points).

Fourth room, the Liquor room;

Have one person, first person to enter I say, go to the door thats there as soon as you enter to get the forklift key and have 2 people goto the ladder by the forklift and have one person hold the door so that zombies don't come in from the staff room. **Important: When you turn the Forklift on make sure you activate it too**

Fifth room, its the smallest one;

In here's a quick First Aid Spray and the storage room key, if you have a handgun and need ammo take the storage key and run to the roof to unlock the room, it contains a clip of ammo(quick load time) and a first aid spray or Green Herb (varies).


Here is a pain that'll linger, 3 Crows fly around the rooftop and there is 1 zombie here as well. If you don't need to goto the storage room go to the fence and break it down ( handgun does make quick work of it ). If everyone is with you go and start heading to the other roof, if not go with the person to the Storage room til everyone is with you so the timer doesn't eat someone.

Elevator room;

Red herb here, if you got a green one combine to get a full heal

Exiting the Elevator;

Green and Red herb right away as soon as you enter if you need it, just run down and go left to exit, if a zombie is there, tackle it and run by.

Front of J's Bar;

Wait for everyone to come through before you go down the steps, then have 2 people take the top car, 1 get the shotgun (helps later, but not needed) and have the other person get the bottom car.

Ally way of J's Bar;

Everyone needs to run to the otherside asap, person with the shotgun should use it to blast the door and if anyone has a handgun use that too. When the zombies get near have everyone try to tackle them to stun them so the NPC has time to work.

Gas Truck;

I hope you kept that Lighter I told you to get, everyone should run to the Gas truck and turn it on and use the lighter. After that run to the edge and jump into the water and crawl into the sewers.


Herbs are scattered here, go south if you need a green and north for red.


Herbs are here too, run to the cop when you're ready and talk to him.

Road block;

gear up with one gun each and 1 ammo box ( try to have one person with 2 slots open in inventory ) they supply you with 2 shotguns, 2 shotgun ammo, 1 handgun(Magnum on easy) and 1 box of hangun ammo plus 2 Firstaid sprays and some items you might have missed earlier on the ground. When you're ready head behind the truck, as you run down the path you'll see a blue herb, if you have a watchful eye you'll snag the magnum in the open window.


Just run across, you'll activate a cutscene. ** IF everyone has survived head back to the cop at the roadblock, you're done**

Zombie Parade;

Shotguns make this easy since it spreads shots and it normally takes 2 shots to take out these zombies. On the left side is the detonator box and on the right is the detonator trigger, have a person get both or have 2 people get 1 and trade off, combine them and run to the center where the detonator box is and use it.

You have fully past Outbreak. Complete % should be about 20%ish and should have Rank A with 2000 - 9000 points depending on how much you did.

for the David players, get the chopper in the bar's kitcher (butcher knife) and head to the locker in the staff room, the far end for a wooden pole to make yourself a spear ( 1 hit knock down 2 hit kill ). Although sometimes the wooden pole is replaced with a chopper( Butcher Knife ) in whichcase you could go get the push brush in the womens restroom and break it to make the spear.

For people who want to drag bob along, you'll need to take him to the staff room and board it up to get a cutscene and then in the liquor room you'll need to open the shutters to get him through to the roof. (in Vhard mode kill Mark to make Bob a zombie, Kevin must be there though)

Yeah, I hate it when I run and get the key and they break down the door and leave me. Good Walkthrough, but I for the most part don't want to purposely kill everyone yet. Is the staff room key nonexistent in hard and vhard mode? Every time I try hard/vhard I have to break the door down.
Seems that way the one time I tried Vhard, it wasn't on the counter or in the mens restroom
QUOTE (Crawurm @ Apr 22 2004, 02:30 AM)
Seems that way the one time I tried Vhard, it wasn't on the counter or in the mens restroom

I thought it was in the womens bathroom along with the handguns. Well any thanks for the walkthrough. It seems like everyone online just wants to get the quickest time instead of the highest scores. =/
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