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Full Version: GC memory cards
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GC'ers step up!
I need to get a new memory card and I was wondering what people thought about the various brands that are out there.
I saw a couple of neko (sp?) ones for $10 and $20.
I also saw this weird memory stick one. It looked like a little GC mem card wrapper for a memory stick. Very odd. Are they any good? Is it reliable? Is this thing made so I can download stuff off the web, save it to the mem stick, then put it into my GC?
Maybe just stick with the Nintedo variety...
Of course, there is always that sweeeeet PSO EP3 mem card over at lik-sang...

side note: I already own a MadCatz 16X card and I have never lost any info with it.
MadCatz is one of the more trustworthy of the offbrand peripheral makers. Ones you want to stay clear of are Performance and Interact. I had my first PSO v1 char on a Performance DC memory card and well... we all know the story there. Got a GameShark Pro from InterAct in late-1999, and it shit the bed on me 8 months later. At least my DexDrive still works.
If it is for PSO data I will trust nothing other than a genuine Nintendo Memory Card 59. I will not go any higher because the only data I will ever store on it is PSO data. I will not store/use it for anything else incase some poor written game corrupts the data on it. I will be forever lost~~~

Having said that, if it is for something other than PSO then I like my USB memory card. It was an import (I believe made in Europe or UK...not sure exactly) that works great for saving almost anything and everything I want...then I can back it up to PC incase I ever have a data loss problem.

It is a 64megaBit (8 megaByte) memory card that has a USB port on it and software to download the information saved on it...including copy protected data that you can not back up any other way~~~like PSO data (but you would never be able to use it online because the server timestamps the data and knows if it has been tampered with or reverted to a previous save.

Like I said, I will trust none other than a genuine Memory Card 59 for PSO data...
The earlier models of the 251 had a problem with the compression algorithm and sometimes currupted save data. Many PSO players found this out the hard way.

Personally, I have many 59 cards and use 4 of them total for PSO. One HORI memory card for EP3 (we all know why)! (2 memory cards for US PSO (retired) and 2 memory cards for PSO+ (1 for challenge and 1 for level up characters)

(I have never lost (corrupted) any PSO data)

Okay, I have just about written a story
Good luck and choose wisely (especially with your PSO data)
Yeah I'd have to go with a regular Nintendo brand memory card. I have 5 gcn memory cards cuz I loved making characters for pso and I kept getting new ones in case of corruption. The 2 MadCatz memory cards I have did some wierd thing with the save and saved a little bit slower.
Well, I've used 2 good old mem59 ones as well, and never had a problem.
But I also have 2 of the black mem251 was it? I did get corrupted once, but that was thanks to my brother turning it off while saving. (I did this... bash.gif ) yeah...
I've only ever used the nintendo ones, but they seem fine to me.
Well, officially, Nintendo is coming out with a 1059 mem card for 29.99 in june, so i'd hold off, but the best 3rd party rep is madcatz, next to them, probably Nyko.
mmm...if you are only using it for PSO data...why buy a very large memory card? That is why I only use the 59s. There is no point to having a larger memory card since I will not store anything else on it...
Well, Sheik, I would be using my new card for everything BUT PSO. That is unless Sega decides to release EP4 - Sim Ragol or something. Ooooh. Think about that! We could build and manage our own Caves! Make sure that there are just enough Evil Sharks and Grass Dragons in each area, or else the lava would get too hot and bubble over. be sure to put in enough treasure boxes as well... or else!! hehee...
Anyways... I just want to save my Soccer file or my RE stuff or (when I purchase it soon) my Zelda files
Although, $30 for a memory card is a bit expensive for me. I doubt I would fill that one. Maybe I'll just go ahead and get another 16X MadCatz one. My existing one has done me well so far. Hell, it didn't even corrupt my PSO ep2 data when I saved my EP3 data to the same card! I had read a few horror stories about that one.
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