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Most of us have to work for a living, right?
But if you didn't have to, what would your "job" be?
Besides.. lounging around the damn couch playing games all day, every day. That's kind of a given...

Mine would be Rally Car driver.
I have never done it before, but the video game version is so freakin' awesome.
I know I'd be good at it too! w000t!
The dirt, the noise, the speed, the danger... awesome.
Besides, I'm a freakin' millionaire! I don't have to be good at it!! beigesmile.gif
Ah, my fantasy job. I guess if I can choose any jobe I want and get it, I would choose to be a fisherman! Hell yea, life at sea, just chillin, drinking beer, killin fish.

I love the open sea. Screw, I'm ganna go be a fisher man!
oooh mine would be what i was initially going to go to school for before i dropped out and screwed up >.> i may still go back to school for it though. I want to be a Zoologist, or something in the field of working with endangered animals.
I'm currently an aspiring philosophy professor, but ...

I've always wanted to be a superhero! :D Seriously, if we're really talking about *dream jobs,* then I've always wanted to be an X-Man. I want Rogue's powers -- the ability to access the energy fields of others. Better yet, I want to master metaphysics and learn to control physical reality in the realization that it doesn't fully exist. (Yep, mentalism) That would just rock. Wonderful Plato whose ideas were plagurized by the Matrix.

Dorian and I were discussing the song "Evolution 169" last night by Nevermore, and how a lot of sites with the corresponding conspiracy theory were shut down, yet the band wasn't touched for writing the song. I had a professor tell me about the controversial Philadelphia Experiment after class, because chances are she would have gotten in trouble for telling us in class -- as would another professor for talking about yellow journalism. It turns out bands have a lot more freedom than educators, which makes me want to pick up my guitar again.

Similarly with Jello Biafra. I love the guy's big mouth and introspective, analytical mind, but do you think an educator would get away with half the stuff he said? Philosophy-teachin' leaves more room for abstract/controversial discussion, but not enough, it seems, if a teacher would get in trouble for saying that the New York Times uses yellow journalism tactics at times. Anyway, my rant. I tend to be outspoken, which is yet another reason.
The JadeDragon
It's not really a job, but I wish I was a dragon lol. I am a huge fan of fantasy movies/stories/games etc. I would love to live in a world based on fantasy. With heros and villians and dragons and warriors and shit like that...

Since that will never happen, I guess I would like to work for a game studio. I love video games and it would be cool to be a game tester or even a designer. Ehhh I'll never be anything I wanna be lol...
For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be an artist of some sort. It's a passion thats grown with me through out my entire life. I inherited my fathers artistic abilites and have always been able to draw, paint, and create well.
Dabbling in many different forms of art - drafting, illustration, painting, architecture, sculpture, graphic design, photography - I realized that I had trouble deciding on what area to concentrate in.
Then I decided to take my other passion - videogames - and combine it with my artistic abilites. Therefor deciding that I would go into Animation.

Today I'm a Fine Arts major in college trying to finish up 2 years for an AAS. After that I'll be headed for a BFA in CG-Animation.

I've always had my talent to fall back on. Its got me to the point I am right now and I couldnt be happier about it. I now get to go to school and learn how to bring out my creativity skills on a higher level and be mentored by some of the most renowned artists in the region. And hopefully in the near future, I'll be doing what I've dreamt of doing as a career all my life... creating worlds.

Other then that I always wanted to be hacker, heh heh.
~a federal agent for the federal bureau of investigations - working for the division that tracks, monitors & takes down the corrupt politicians of Washington D.C.

*reflects* good one, SCU.. ;)
woot.. a family doctor... just because its someone that people can look up to..

not to mention a family doctor is one of the less stressful jobs a doctor can have (i say that loosly because any job after 10 years of school is probably stressful at times)

but yeah i would just like to work 4 or 5 days a week and still bring home close to 100 grand a year.. not to bad...

the dream isnt really shot down yet... im going to rutgers this fall for a biological science major while taking courses that will get me into med school.. so we shall see how all this plays out... if not ill be like a bio teacher or something beigebigrazz.gif lol
Fantasy Job you say, shapeshifting superhero(or villian turned superhero). I would be good in an organization like the FBI and I could look like anyone/thing I wanted. My reallife job I would want is to design websites for corporate bigwigs. I like working with graphics etc and even though I haven't mastered it yet, I'm planning to try and start by building my own website for FFXI sometime in the future.
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