It came out in Japan last Friday on the GBA and is out on IRC already as a ROM. All in all this is a pretty good game. The graphics and sound are great for a handheld.

There came a day when the nightmare of the Dark Elf ended, as well as the
calming of attacks from Neo Arcadia. Information came under the supervision of
the Resistance that a giant battleship fell into a snow field. Ciel knows at
that place is a powerful energy reaction similar to the Dark Elf, so Zero and a
Resistance group go out to investigate the area.

Meanwhile at Neo Arcadia, fearing the unrest of humans, the fact is kept secret
that Zero defeated Copy X, the symbol of human reign. The outward appearance of
peace remains unchanged. Serving as the agent of X, Harpuia has grasped the
actual command of matters, but...

The enemy Weil appeared newly with his eight subordinates "The Hachishinkan --
The Weil Numbers."

They usually take on a human form, and in the role of the director of the "Neo
Arcadia Central Council" which was discontinued by X's revival, Weil is giving

But, this is the form assumed by the demon.

For the person who strikes back at Weil, however, their true forms will be

It's supposed to come out in Europe in September, and over here in October.