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Full Version: kya : dark lineage
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~today be trading day at gamestop, & with the departing of many remembered experiences - i came out with three potential gems...i was curious to play kya: dark lineage & today i finally decided to cast aside the mainstream's jarble & give this one a try..

*nods* i like it.. ^^

perhaps a great unknown by mainstream standards, but the moment i started playing this one - i instantly fell in luv with its execution in style, design & gameplay...most would scoff to easily dismiss this as a "chick" game, but i haven't played something this fun since Rayman 2 for the DC; so i figure i would give some insight as to what this experience is all about..

though i just started the preliminaries, the experience is focused on Kya, who is chosen to be the savior for the Nativs of this far-fantastical realm ~ both she & her brother were pulled to this unusual place from a science experiment gone awry...& the heroine's tale begins - to save her brother & perhaps get to the bottom why the Wolfens exist..

~here be 2-links for the curious.. at-emote1.gif
kya : dark lineage
eden studios

one of the key elements that draws me into a game is the amount of luv incorporated into its creation & just when i thought Atari had little going for them - i come across this; the music is inspirational & the characters are wonderfully animated...just goes to show that i'll learn to trust my intuition more when deciding what to pick, & not be ruled by gossip & hearsay..

edit* - just found out that eden studios are the masterminds of this experience; i need give credit where credit is due - added their link too.. ^^
I remember seeing a few previews about this game....some magazine loved it but a few of the "big" name website kind of trashed it...i'll give it a rent now for sure. teleport.gif
~true, hot-shot critics of "big" magazines have this unfortunate habit of dismissing intelligently made ideas in favor of things that go-BOOM.. 0@ they forget the golden rule, games are games - play, & be happy.. spinning.gif
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