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Full Version: My DSL feels like 14.4 :(
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And my parents' machine doesn't seem to have this problem. Web pages that used to take 0.5-3 seconds to load now take upwards of 30 seconds. It takes about 30 minutes to download a file that's like 4MB. I'm on a wireless router if that helps.
This has happened to me once. It might help if you position the attenna in a different direction. Kinda weird when you position it just a few degrees to the left and you get a full signal.
Of course there's always the option of hooking up the line directly to your computer instead of being on wireless.
What kind of wireless router do you have?

power down the modem and HUD for about half an hour then plug it all back in, that or do what DJ said
Well, lucky me I still that wire I used to hook up my GC, so I stuck that in the other day, and everything's fine.
Yeah let me tell you a story about wireless trash. My internet wasn't hooked up for like 3 months due to the poor signal and strength of the wireless reciever. After a while though just got 100 feet of Cat 5 and it worked fine sortly after. Pretty much wireless stuff sucks.
That what they call it a wireless gridlock. Too many wireless signal on the same channel causing your receiver to get confuse and subsequently you get bad signal strength, line drop and etc... usually moving the WiFi channel will solve the problem...
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