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Full Version: Attention FFXI dropouts
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Anyone who's on this game already, I'm kicking it on server 07-Devianne. Hardly any lag here. Why is this here and not FFXI? The subtitle should answer the question.
I played the beta, and it seemed to be just another Diablo clone deal.....

And here's two comic's to go along
Man, that guy's comics just get suckier and suckier.

How about some actual screens and info on the game?
Meh, it looks nice and all but from what I've heard from Wurm I don't think I'd play it long if I got it.

PvP without consent? Hell no. Although, I guess if someone was trying to jack your camping spot you could get a nice wizard to blow him apart beigelaugh.gif

PS- Dark Elf <3
I may or may not get this game, it really depends on if I get pso3 online and a few other games that I'm going to get.
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