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Full Version: Card Change?
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I thought this was kinda wierd and I still have no idea how I did it. After I beat Pollux the other night (that bastid took me forever -_-) I got my cards and was just hitting L and R and stuff while my cards were being showed to me from the pack a Delsaber's Buster card changed into a Cadeceus (however its spelled). I actually had this happen a couple times with a Savage Wolf and an Al Rappy card but they didn't successfully change. I was wondering what is up with this?
Thats just a random thing. Its like Episodes 3 version of dropping rares. Online howvere those cards have the abilite to change into "V.I.P". cards. A "V.I.P". card is a card that will allow you and 3 other friends to access the uberr cool auction room where you get to bid on some sometimes uuber rare cards. The cheesy thing is that you cant talk or communicate to each other what-so-ever. So you kinda have to coordinate things before you get started.
As you get a card, the more you have, the more chances another one will Morph. Morphing will make the card tranform into a higher ranked card, and it will usually be a more rare card than it was for example, an N4 Al Rappy could turn into an N1 Deldepth. You can even get online only cards through offline morphs, and vice verse. After a while, N4-N3 Morphs will seem arather pointless, and you'll want R2-R1 Morphs, because those could turn into rare S or even SS cards.

E cards are not available in Morphs.
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