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Yes my friends I have souled my soul to the devil.

Seems like the links dont work so Ill copy what i ready from it.

QUOTE ("A small gaming community")
Last night I met an informant in a darkened socket; we shook hands. A packet was pushed into my buffer. I SYN'd. He ACK'd and was gone, fast as the scattering of cats near a can of compressed air. Inside was a rumor; a rumor about a woman's loose tongue and Sega's possible E3 hardware announcement:

It may be pure coincidence but I thought I'd let you know something I heard the other night. I was at dinner with a woman who has worked as a headhunter in the video game industry for 7 years; "Since before there were women in the industry", she says. It was the first time I'd been around a woman with more video game history/knowledge than myself and it was deeply emasculating. More than a little out of my element not being the alpha male in an electronics discussion, I stooped to the tried and true favorite of drowning her in booze to pump up my self esteem. She mentioned after several glasses of wine that she was going to E3. Naturally, acting like the well educated, adult male that I am, I begged and pleaded with her to let me tag along as her assistant making promises to rub her feet at night and let her call me ‘Scoop’. She told me in no uncertain terms that there was no way she would take me.

I had been a little overserved myself so instead of throwing wine in her face like I do with most women who turn down my extravagant requests I entered into an argument about the coming Playstation 3 and Xbox 2 announcements. At this point she mentioned to me how new console announcements are passé since there were four big console makers and they were always announcing something new. Sensing a small victory I pounced, “there are only 3 console makers!” Like a mother scolding her son she replied, “no, there’s Sony, Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft.” “Sega?”, I questioned, “but they’re out of the console business?” She stopped what she was saying and looked at me, then mumbled something about how I should forget what she said. Relishing my perceived victory over her supposed video game industry knowledge I let the Sega remark slip thinking it was brought on by the liquor. After seeing your post about a possible Sega announcement I figured I’d drop you a line. I agree with your opinion that a Sega announcement is unlikely, but seeing your post and hearing this woman’s drunken remarks is a little interesting.

QUOTE ("Gamespot")
RUMOR #1: At E3, Sega will announce it is getting back into the console business.

Source: An e-mail blast inviting press to Sega's "mystery event" at E3.

The official story: "Sega cannot comment on rumors relating to its exclusive press event on day one of E3. Sega remains excited about its powerful lineup of yet-to-be-announced titles."--Sega spokesperson.

What we heard: Ever since Dreamcast production ceased in 2001, the console's diehard fans have held out hope that it would rise from the ashes. This week, hope came in the form of a one-paragraph press invitation to Sega's E3 presentation. "Learn about SEGA's 2004 lineup and hear BIG news you'd NEVER guess," read the invite, which promised "explosive news--something even YOU won't be able to guess!" (Emphasis in the original.) Within minutes, Sega loyalists were churning out messianic predictions of a new and improved Dreamcast. "Financially revitalized, finally debt-free, Sega now firmly believes it has what it takes to rule the roost," read one. But before you break out the straightjackets, consider this: Amusement-machine giant Sammy is Sega's majority stockholder, and its president, Hajime Satomi, is Sega's chairman. This year, Sammy's new Atomiswave arcade platform will replace the veteran NeoGeo format. The NeoGeo also came in a home console version, which had a customer base fanatical enough to shell out hundreds of dollars per game--in other words, a proven (if small) market. The Atomiswave's hardware is even more compact than the NeoGeo's. Sammy has announced that Sega will focus on developing games for the Atomiswave. Could Sega's big announcement be a new, Sega-branded home console based on the Atomiswave? It could be, but it would be sort of redundant, because the Atomiswave is already based on Dreamcast hardware.

Still in the rumors section but I have been hearing alot of it.
I also recall someone saying they had a feild trip to E3.
Maybe they could verify this for us. Although,I doubt that
if this where true that they would unveil it already, just my opinion. luna.gif

I love SEGA, and I'd definetly buy a new console if they made it.

But I'm also certain they'd find some way to fuck it up and run themselves into the ground again. /sigh
Dam straight. I'd buy it too. If this is true, hopefully its online plans will be better than Nintendo's.
Heck, even Dreamcast's online capabilities are better.
Speaking of which...
*goes to play some Dreamcast games*

A new console sold by Sega is nice and all but I'd much rather see them get their heads out of their asses about PSO. A new PSO with a LOT of new stages and maybe some new characters and new items would be a dream come true but I doubt that is going to happen because Sega is teh su><0r5.
Ah, but PSO is more Sonic Team than "Sega", we just link the two in our minds, right?

The Dreamcast is my absolute all time favorite console...I loved that thing, I still love that thing - and this is from someone who has been buying "consoles" (ie. games you play on your tv) since Pong...*grin*. The controllers fit my hands perfect, the graphics were amazing - hell, I remember renting a PS2 on launch, and comparing the games that were out at the time to the games I had on the Dreamcast, and I laughed at that poor pathetic little PS2, supposedly so much better than the DC but NOT.

I hadn't heard a thing about this as of yet, but I'm excited now...keep the news comin'!
~this is a tricky one, a rumor that can go either way; it would be best for me to scope what i can from the usual channels & post findings as i learn what's written between the lines, so to speak.. ^^.

note* - agreed, a new PsO is definitely needed..
Sega would be crazy to release another console. Nintendo can barely compete, and they're using the same small niche market strategy to sell a new zelda/mario/metriod game every few years too.

Then again, we already knew Sega was crazy. I'd buy a new console for sure. Long live the Saturn!
I was never really a sega fan.. There games never really interested me, plus they were never really that challanging.

I boubt I'd buy it... Unless they released a new PSO for it, haha
QUOTE (Dorian @ May 5 2004, 08:53 AM)
I was never really a sega fan.. There games never really interested me, plus they were never really that challanging.

I'd advise you to play some Shinobi for PS2 before making that comment. king.gif
Shinobi for the PS2 was pretty challenging. I always like the sega rpgs.

Anywho. Despite the system, it's all about the games. I've noticed a decline in the quality of sega games. They seem to be focusing a lot on quantity of over quality.

SEGA, give ST funding for A NEW PSO SEQUEL, NOW!!!!!
Enough with this side game stuff. While good, it's running kind of thin.
I still wanna see a Phantasy Star V, although #4 pretty much wrapped up everything. However, I remember seeing somewhere that the development of what we know now as PSO had begun in 1997 and supposedly was a PS5.
QUOTE (Dorian @ May 5 2004, 08:53 AM)
I was never really a sega fan..  There games never really interested me, plus they were never really that challanging.

I boubt I'd buy it...  Unless they released a new PSO for it, haha

Sega owns your yucky, Nintendo-ridden soul, Dorian. We will own it. Mwahaha.

There's a reason I kept my Genesis all these years.
I'd actually buy this supposed system on launch if the rumor is true. I'm a big Sega fan and I would love to see them get back in the console market. NiGHTS 2 *drool*
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