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Full Version: Fun with essays! 8D
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beigelaugh.gif One thing people hate is writing essays. Especially on a subject you know little about. Well for any of you people going through this stress now heres something to calm your nerves down. Now I know it looks like a lot of reading but trust me, Its worth it.

I especially love that the kid actually tries to make it a legitament essay. beigelaugh.gif
Oh shit, I've only read the essays on the first link and this shit is SOLID GOLD!

:kudos AC. Awesome stuff.

Peter Nguyen is my fucking GOD! buttrock.gif

I think that's what they mean by "nickels a day can feed a child."  I thought, "How could food be so cheap over there?"  It's not, they just eat the nickels.

Like all black youth, Jimmy joined a gang, in order to get his "props."

I was fucking rolling on the floor! GIVE THIS KID AN A~!
beigebiggrin.gif, omg I think that's funny for some ODD reason.
They killed Tupac!

In the war of 1812, Osama bin Laden declared Jihad on the West Coast and killed Tupac. In retaliation, we tried killing the notorious Saddam Hussein but accidentally killed the Notorious Biggie Smalls.

The hell? LOL. This stuff's classic.

I remember writing stuff like this in 5th grade though when I was half asleep at times . . .
QUOTE (Crushinator @ May 3 2004, 09:32 PM)
Peter Nguyen is my fucking GOD! buttrock.gif

Funny essay... lol
This kid has the same last name as me. As do 90% of our culture. beigeroll.gif

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