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~yes indeed, a radical departure from some of the heavier topics i tend to post, so here's one of a lighter note ~ which be your favorite televised sitcom(s) to date?


lately, i watch british comedy on the BBC whenever i get the opportunity to; my current reigning favorite is Red Dwarf, followed by Absolutely Fabulous (Ab-fav for short..); both are humorous, especially RD ~ the series has a funny way of explaining the science of deep space travel & i like the cast lots.. =D

as far as US sitcoms go, i tend to watch Seinfeld or Married with Children on occasion.. ^^ & even classic Simpsons if ever i manage to catch one - the newer episodes are OK at best, meh.. =/
Seinfeld was ok... it's kinda funny, the show I think is hillarious, but not Seinfeld himself beigebigrazz.gif

I watch the Simpsons once in a while, when I'm not busy with other things. Though honestly I don't watch TV much anymore at all, except the occasional movie.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I'm ghetto and got no cable, so I watch the one episode they show in the middle of the night on WB. beigelaugh.gif But I used to watch that everyday in it's NBC days, my favorite sitcom ever. Always fun to watch Will make fun of Uncle Phil and Carlton. :D

I also like Everybody Loves Raymond, that show cracks me up all the time with it's blunt humor. beigelaugh.gif

And yeah, I like to watch Married with Children to when I can catch it.

As for Simpsons. . . the newer Simpsons episodes are trash, I'm sorry, I had to say it, that show has completly lost it's edge. skullcross.gif
I pray to both Jerry Seinfeld and Will Smith on a daily basis for their fine sitcoms.
The Simpsons cast just signed another 4 year contract cry2.gif

I wish the show could've gone out with some dignity, its sucked for a couple years, and probably will for four more now

Ontopic, Seinfeld is the best sitcom ever. Back in high school all my friends compared this one guy to George, he even started saying stuff like "Joes getting upset!" beigelaugh.gif
I know it's sick but I haven't had TV since I was a little kid. After my parents split up my mom removed cable and all that and it was like that for a long time. When I started living on my own I couldn't afford a TV for a long time then when I could I decided I didn't like it anyways. Sometimes when I try and watch shows and other peoples houses I get really entranced and the commercials come on and I feel physically ill. Watching too much TV is also very disorienting for me.

I do watch movies though and I like watching full seasons of some shows on DVD or VHS though.

My favorites are:

Star Trek: TNG
Babylon 5 (only seen the first 2 seasons)
CSI: Las Vegas
South Park

I have really gotten a lot of crap about this before. I had someone tell me that when I got older that I would not have fun at parties because while everyone was talking pop culture I would be completely clueless. That's partially correct but I have a lot of other things to talk about as well :D
Heh heh, it's all about Family Guy :D The Critic's fantastic, too.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Family Guy


The Critic

Need I say more?
Ed, Edd, and Eddy (one of the greatest cartoons ever!)
Family Guy
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