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Full Version: F1 Grand Prix [EP3]
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Ripped from PSO-World
ST announced some interesting news! According to Sega's Web Site and the new May issue of Game Gather, the first World-Wide PSO Episode 3 tournament is to be held in June.
The official name of this tournament is "F1 Gran Prix - Who Is the World's Strongest Team?"

This tournament, unlike the previous two, is different in that it will be a Team Tournament. So you'd better be tailoring your decks together with a friend if you want to make it anywhere in this tournament!

The preliminary point rounds will be spread over 3 days, unlike the marathons that heralded the last two tournaments. Dates are as follows:

June 2nd 10 PM - 1 AM JST
June 3rd 10 PM - 1 AM JST
June 4th 10 PM - 1 AM JST

The qualifiying teams then play on to the main Tournament date on June 6th from 6 PM JST

The winning team then also plays an exhibition match against the Game Gather Staff after the finals are over. Who knows what kind of decks these guys will bring to the field?

ST also announced that there will be additions and changes to the lobby jukeboxs. For this, there will be a server maintenance on Thursday, May 6th from 2pm til 5pm (JST). Please do not connect to the servers at this time and please end all games before the scheduled maintenance. This will affect both PSO Ep 1&2 and PSO Ep 3. There are no changes to PSO Ep 1&2.

It would be cool if we could get some AT representaion here. I know Im definatly down for this, although... Im wondering how many people can make the play time schedules. The time listed are JP time so heres how I have broken it down for us. Im not 100 % sure the times are correct but I'm pretty confident that it's right.

It goes from Japan time, East time, Central Time, Mountain Time, Pacific Time.

June 2nd 10 PM - 1 AM JST / 10 AM - 1 PM EST / 9AM - 12AM CNT/ 8AM - 11AM MNT / 7 AM - 10 AM PCT
June 3nd 10 PM - 1 AM JST / 10 AM - 1 PM EST / 9AM - 12AM CNT/ 8AM - 11AM MNT / 7 AM - 10 AM PCT
June 4nd 10 PM - 1 AM JST / 10 AM - 1 PM EST / 9AM - 12AM CNT/ 8AM - 11AM MNT / 7 AM - 10 AM PCT

Im not surprised that the times are more in favor to JP player then to us. That is because The U.S. PSO population has dwindled to some scary low numbers. Which gives us U.S. players all the more reason to represent and not only show what U.S.A. is all about but what at-emote1.gif is all about!


Hmm, I wonder if I can get my EP3 ass in gear by then.

PS: When it comes to world tournies, you use the deck that is the most solid and has the highest chance to win. Cheapness is not an option, winning is what it is about.
Woah, 9am - 12pm Central? (3 hours, starting at 9am = 12pm)

I'm not even awake til 2pm -__-'
At least it's not, like, 5 am for you...during a school week no less! Bleh, would like to compete but that time is impossible for me.
Even though I may be new to AT (seeing as I'm from IE, and was in the Hobo Cup), I'm all geared up for this. I for one will plan to do some representing... that is, if I don't have a job by then.
Suddenly I have a new desire to play again. And no Cast to partner with.... How about you Lish? :3
Aww, I asked her if she wanted to partner up x.x

At first. I didn't think about staying up until it started, that would be better for me, instead of trying to wake up. I also figure, seeing as Lisha and I partner up very often, that if we bettered our communication, and synched our deck stratagies (with me controlling my anger, lish adding team def ;P ) we could actually be a very mean team of two sleepy people <.<'

But, whatever happens, happens.
Ah schweet, this will probably be the first tourny for me online. Atleast I should be online well before then. Hopefully my friend Mason (who joined in for me hitting 200) won't have a partner for this by the time I get on =X
Sure! I'd love to join! It sounds like it'll be great fun....
Oh wait. This is ep3 huh. I forgot to notice. beigeconfused.gif
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