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Full Version: sig help
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anyone know where i could upload my sig too? i dont have a website anymore so i cant do that.. doh.... lemme know if ya got any ideas thx king.gif
I started to use, it's good if you wanna host a few images here and there, free package only gives ya 2 MB's worth, still good for a pic or 2. No FTP needed either.

I had to click "forgot my pasword" to actully get my password, even though they said it was being sent to my e-mail. Prolly just me or somethin'.

Anywho, hope it helps. crash.gif

And that was my dumbass, oy bad day, not thinking straight. *Smacks forehead* bash.gif
I can host it for you (or anyone else). I'll PM you with the details. Basically you can store images on the same space the forum is hosted on. I have set up an upload and file manager for people to manage their images. I'll put more info in the Operations forum.

If anyone else needs images hosted, let me know. beigesmile.gif
lol@ retehi crash.gif

thanx for the help D *shows off new sig* king.gif
Looks great! king.gif

Again if any AT Members need space to store images, check the thread in Operations, you can use them on other forums too.
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