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City Of Heroes

I LOVE this game. Even though I only had it for a day... beigelaugh.gif

Good fun, very customizable. There are hundreds of different ways you can make your character look (think wrestler creator in a wrestling game), and a few different roads for you to take when customizing your super powers. Not nearly as much as a job/sub job combo in FFXI, but it still adds variance to play style.

It reminds me of PSO, except with more than 4 repetitive zones. I think some of the quest/trial/whatever zones are instanced too, meaning if you are doing a quest and someone else is also, they can go in and do whatever and you can still enter a zone and be totally alone, or with your group, so you don't have to compete to do the mission.

Another good thing is, if you're way out of "grouping" range with a friend, the high level friend can make you his "sidekick" to temporarily boost your fighting ability and allow you to work together. So a level 5 and a level 40 could technically group without too many problems.

I know that Marn is going to get it eventually (and we are going to be playing on Virtue server together), and Retehi shows some interest, but is anyone else planning on getting it?
I've been reading some stuff about this game, and it does sound really interesting.

I didn't know about the sidekick aspect. That is hilarious and awesome.
If it has a giant robot with "gattai" action, then I'm sold.
Well there's a 3rd gender labelled "Huge" (I kid you not o.o) and you can make your skin metallic and carry a gun and a ton of gadgets around if that's what you mean beigebiggrin.gif

My ONLY frustration so far is when blasters want to overblast (and they want me to tank) It pisses me off so much because at the moment my only source of taking aggro is beating things to a pulp and trigger happy blasters that group with me don't last very long if they try to outdamage me beigelaugh.gif

That and my computer just sucks so it plays kinda choppy cry2.gif
I am considering this game. It looks pretty cool.

I see that you are planning on living on the Virtue server. Let's go ahead right now and proclaim that as the official ATHQ server.

Who else wants to be superheroes? shades.gif
If I can get the money anytime soon, I'm definetly in. toast.gif
Vitamin D
My brother's been playing this game and he loves it. I'm pretty intrerested in it myself.
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