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Full Version: Favorite Movies?
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Kill Bill Vol. 1 (haven't seen 2 left the theatres here x_x), Pulp Fiction, and the original Shaft. How about you?
The Untouchables, hands down. And any movie by Pixar.

The JadeDragon
Braveheart, Bad Boys 1-2, all Star Wars movies and of course the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Aliens has always been the best damn movie I ever seen, with Terminator 2: Judgement Day following a very close 2nd. 3rd being Robocop.

I like a lot more, but those 3 stand out for me the most.
Clerks might probably be my favorite movie of all time.
Star Trek: First Contact


Live long and prosper
A tie between Independence Day and Men in Black.
The Ninth Gate is absolutely fantastic.

I also gotta side with Crush about Clerks. phj33r my 3r33t Salsa Shark away message.

Regarding movies, though, I'm really looking forward to seeing Troy because I know they'll have bastardized the Iliad pretty badly. So, it'll be hillarious to see. That and I hate Orlando Bloom, so seeing him play the stupid role of Alexandros/Paris will be amusing. The fact that they're throwing a love angle toward Achelleus seriously deserves humor points, considering the guy is an arrogant prick completely incapable of any sense of sympathy. Haha. :D
I just read the book for the first time this year, so call it curiosity. I'm sure we were all sad when Hektor died.

Theres something about the "The Last Samurai" I loved. To me this is the greatest movie ever made. One of the reasons why in FF11 I wanna be a Ranger sub Samurai. beigelaugh.gif

After that I think its a tie between Scarface and Ninja Scroll.
1 - john boorman's excalibur (1981)
2 - lord of the rings ~ episode 1

~of course, these are the current reigning favorites - but i gots several honorable mentions: hardboiled & the killer (john woo), dune (1984), the big lebowski & heat.. ^^.
Matrix Reloaded!
Undercover Brother, any Indiana Jones movies, Terminator 2 and the Lord of the Ring series.

Hmm...for non action movies...well, I'd have to think there.
QUOTE (HC82 @ May 7 2004, 09:54 PM)
Undercover Brother, any Indiana Jones movies, Terminator 2 and the Lord of the Ring series.

Hmm...for non action movies...well, I'd have to think there.

LOL. I forgot all about Undercover Brother. It's that V-key, I'm telling you! It erased it from my MIND!
The Crow
Scarface, South Park
Star Wars (The original trilogy(ether SE or normal)), Lord of the Rings, and 2001: A Space Odyssey

edit- forgot an inportant one... The Transformers: The Movie
Vitamin D
Friday. And you know this man!
I have this weird thing were I see nearly everything, like almost everything, but have a really hard time coming up with a favorites list since its hard for me to consider something truly amazing

So heres my list of the moment =P

End of Evangelion
The Matrix
The Matrix Revolutions

...mostly because I can quote the whole damn thing from memory...

Hmm, my top 3 are probably True Romance, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and Fargo. Favorite movies are always so tough to pick though, I'll probably change my mind in a couple minutes.
hard to decide, my tastes are always changing. I can say that I never tire of these titles:

The Seven Samurai
The Samurai Trilogy
Reservoir Dogs
Star Wars "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back"
Black Hawk Down
Blade Runner

hmm I will add more later for sure.
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