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Full Version: Disgaea or La Pucelle Tactics???
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I need my Strategy console RPG fix,having finished Fire Emblem on the Gameboy(awesome game by the way)and FFTA....i never played Disgaea and La Pucelle Tactics just came out yesterday but i'm taking a chance on someone who played both...which one would you recommend???

p.s. i have to admit that "La Pucelle"'s title has me intrigued.
~unfortunately, i'm not familiar with the latter ~ but Disgaea is worth looking into for both story & gameplay...the story is, unique to say the least.. ;o

note* - i did several searches, it looks like this La Pucelle Tactics is getting decent scores ranging from mid-7's to 9.1 - which makes both titles near-evenly matched when in doubt, it's all about flipping a coin to decide.. ^^;
I'd go for Disgaea. It's really chock full of gameplay(hours of it). Also, it's possibly one of the funniest games I've ever played.

If your a strategy fan, you might as well get them both eventually.
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