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Full Version: ~the NBA finals.. ;o
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~anyone watching the final games? things are starting to get interesting; but then, basketball always seems more interesting toward the end rather than beginning.. which team, you think, has a shot at victory this year?
The Timberwolves will choke, yea I'm a cynical Minnesotan, thats right
I'm a die hard Kings fan... go Kings and down with the Los Angeles Flakers! ^^;
I'm gonna hafta agree with Knightsword, definitely Timberwolves at the finals. beigesleep.gif
~i used to be a detroit pistons fan during their last reign of championship wins o'so many years before; they actually have promise & look seasoned on the courts this year, so i'm keeping an eye out in hopes that they'll make it further to the last games.. =. i like the lakers, but i notice that they are not hungry like they used to be; one would think that with all that talent as their side, they would rule the courts - but if koby or shaq have a bad day, then that pretty much signs & seals their fate.. =/

the kings are good, but they dropped the ball against the timberwolves recently..
i dont know whos gonna win these series... but i do know that whoever makes it to the championship from the west is gonna win it all....

only chance the east has a chance is if the pacers make it to the championship and they face the timberwolves... becuase they seem pretty balanced... other than that the west has that championship..yet again
Wtf!? The lakers must have a game genie or Action replay. There was no way they could have won that game just so freaking unbelievable. Well Anyway. I gotta support my home town The Nets. Although Im really an Orlando Magic fan at heart. I miss the good ol days with Penny Hardaway and Shaq tearing it up. If it werent for those dam Housten Rockets.... >.<
Lakers. lolzah. wtf.
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