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Full Version: Goin' to Boston
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Dorian and I are going up to Boston on the week of the 24th (I think) to visit an old friend. Anyone know any cool places to go there? Any fantastic, unique sights to see?

Also, if anyone close wants to hang out, they're welcome to meet up with us. Keep me posted :D
I've never been...but I hear they make a mean baked bean there.
~boston is a beautiful place & also a heavily populated college town; kinda crowded, but beautiful nonetheless ~ the colleges of the area are fun places to visit, as well as the local markets/bazaars..


however, specific names escape me since i visited boston only twice.. ^^;
I've also heard Boston is the best city in America to find single, available women.

You might want to keep an eye on Dorian. beigelaugh.gif
Hmm, I believe me and Chibi are the only folks from the Boston area here. I'm 40 minutes north, and I believe he's 40 minutes south beigelaugh.gif A mini AT get together would be quite interesting...

As for places to hang out, uhh, theres Jillians, which used to be a really good arcade but last time I went it was sorta in a decline, I think they're focusing on the bar aspect more nowadays. I dont really go into boston much so I cant think of any other places
I'm in Boston right now. I live in Westford, ~30 mins north up by the NH border... beigesmile.gif

Duck tour! I want to do a duck tour...the kids did one a few weeks ago and loved it, and I've never done one. *grin*
I live 20 minutes north of boston beigebigrazz.gif

Edit: Unfortunetly, i am now and still will be too young to show you any bar areas
I live in Boston. <3 Take a duck tour and stuff. See a Sox game at Fenway Park. We also have a great museum of science will all sorts of crazy shit and a huge dome with TV screens inside the roof called the Omni Theater where you like, recline on these chairs and you can't see anything but whatever movie/sciencey thing you're watching and it's quite surreal. You could also go see some of our good local bands that perform live in the clubs around the area. ^_^
ive heard boston is pretty expensive...but have fun!
What in the world is a "duck tour"?
Some Truck/Boat thing, i don't really remember the whole thing, but for some reason people love it beigebigrazz.gif By the way, i know some nice "shop" (i hate shopping) areas or places to eat

And yet I still wonder what the fuss over it is about. beigelaugh.gif
QUOTE (Sgt. Retehi @ May 11 2004, 11:22 PM)

And yet I still wonder what the fuss over it is about. beigelaugh.gif

LOL! It's cause you drive! sail! Then...and get this...this is way cool...YOU DRIVE AGAIN!!




yeah, I quiet.. *sigh*

I have never taken one, I'm one of those wicked stupid local people that lets tourists do all the neat things and just drives through.

I didn't realize there were so many of us in one local area!! BBQ anyone? ;)
Thanks for the info, Sarge.
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