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Full Version: Immortality?
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I'm working on an EP3 deck and need info on cards and how I obtain them.

I'm trying to make a Endu immortality deck, How do I get the assist card immortality and any full heal guard creatures?

Also, are there any cards that return things to my hand when they go to the graveyard?

Thanks for the help
To get cards:
Play alot. Level alot. Play offline (story & free battle) AND online alot. Or just be lucky.
As for full heal creatures, the only one I ever used was a Dubchic. 'Cept for the Dubchich (the ultimate mode version), that's the only full heal enemy card I know.
To have a card return to your hand, you can use Escape. Instead of being destroyed, the card returns to your hand. Can only be used in Defense phase.
Another card you can use is called Card Return. It returns your recent discarded and destroyed cards to your hand. Can only be used during Set phase.

And its called the discard pile not the graveyard beigelaugh.gif

Thanks DJ

And I am used to magic the Gathering.. hehe

Hence the graveyard
one way to achieve it is to put down the freakin FFXI game and get your @$$ on PSO!
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